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Fascia-Informed Reiki

May 15 2022:  In addition to learning the significance of fascia-awareness in touch practices, we will also attend to another very important topic. Trauma-informed touch. 

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200-Hour Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training:

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Upcoming modules for the 200-hour program:

~ May 28 & 29   Module 4: Myofascial Yoga for Pelvic health ~ Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 1 pm live on zoom plus self paced video study & practice. Sliding scale fee $99 – $333*

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300-Hour Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training:

The next module of the 300 hour program will be in early 2022 please email to be put on the wait list for this program start date. 

Fascia and the Nervous System Online Program (Self Paced)

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*Myofascial Yoga institute of Canada offers both a 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program. The 2021/2022 program will be offered online until it is safe to gather in person. All prices are available as sliding scale rates till early 2022 to accommodate the global pandemic.

Price if paying for the full training ~ Sliding scale fee $999 – $3999

Individual workshop or monthly payment plan rate is $99 – $333 per module or per month. 

 (this offer will be in place for the duration of the global pandemic. Prices will re-set to the regular rate in 2022. Monthly payment plans are available for the 2021/2022 training)


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