Ocean of Light: Guided meditations with Christine Wushke

Ocean of Light Guided meditations with Christine Wushke

Ocean of Light: Guided meditations with Christine Wushke


It is our deepest wish for you to discover within yourself the infinite source of lasting peace and fulfillment. May these meditations inspire you to uncover your highest potential and encourage you to shine radiantly in the world.

~ Christine Wushke

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Product Description

These meditations were lovingly created to support you in your life journey. The album contains three deep, powerful and healing meditations, along with a Yoga Nidra practice for relaxation.


About Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a practice in being, not doing, practice in waking sleep, or alert sleep. When you go to bed at night, your body relaxes, and at some point sleep takes over. This is something that can not be forced; sleep happens by itself. When we sleep at night our subconscious mind speaks to us, it fills our mind with messages from a source of deep wisdom within. Often when we awaken from sleep we do not remember our dreams, and so we frequently miss the messages our subconscious mind is trying to reveal to us.


In Yoga Nidra, waking sleep practice, we get the opportunity to access this deep aspect of our subconscious mind, but in a very conscious and aware way. I encourage you to begin your Yoga Nidra practice by setting an intention for yourself. If there is anything in your life right now that is unsettled, or anything you are looking for clarity on, begin your practice today by asking your subconscious mind to show you the truth about it. Once the intention is set, then let it go, and return to allowing the process to happen naturally. Just like going to sleep at night; at some point you allow sleep to simply take over, in that same way let this meditation have you. Let your experience of the meditation shape up for you in whatever way it wants to, and let it be exactly as it is.


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