About Shamir Ladhani

2022-09-17_15-07-00_191 croppedShamir is a Certified Change Management Practitioner (CMP), a HeartMath® Coach and Trainer, a business strategist and a sessional instructor of the MBA program at University Canada West. As the host of “Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot,” a 15-minute live group coaching broadcast, he leads people through heart-mind coherence-building techniques each week. As an international speaker, workshop facilitator, leadership trainer, and transformational coach, Shamir dedicates his time to helping individuals transform their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals. His approach first focuses on the individual’s mindset and removes self-limiting behaviours. He then moves on to support them in embodying their purpose and achieving their goals while improving their ability to lead others. www.ignitefrominsideout.com