Advanced Myofascial Yoga 50 Hours Certification: Level One

Myofascial Yoga 300 hour Teacher training:

This week-long intensive* is for yoga teachers wanting to deepen their experience of yoga, Myofascial Release, or mindfulness in a supportive and trauma-informed atmosphere. This 50-hour course can be used as a standalone postgraduate certification (see below for prerequisites), or as the first 50 hours in the 300 hour, Yoga Alliance Registered, Advanced Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training. Participants will receive a YACEP certificate of completion.

Dates: May 12 – 17  2018

Next Dates: March 7 – 12 2020

Saturday – Sunday: Come learn the science and practice of pandiculation. Uncover your blind spots to movement synergy, and discover how the combination of a mindful movement practice coupled with pandiculation is the key to regaining your motor control and freedom in your body.


Monday and Tuesday: Introduction to the principles of biotensegrity. Guest teacher Joanne Avision will introduce us to the very important concepts of biotensegrity and how it applies to movement and injury prevention. We will learn how to apply these principles to yoga and movement practice.


Wednesday and Thursday: Introduction to Somatics and neuromuscular re-education. Deepen your mindfulness. Learn the neuroscience of mindful moving and the science and practice of Hanna Somatics (Guest teacher Sandra Soloski, certified Somatics teacher will be leading this segment).


Topics covered:

~ The science and practice of pandiculation

~ Definitions and practice of  tacticity, proprioception, interoception, and mechanoreception

~ Introduction to Biotensegrity: science and practice. (Guest teacher Joanne Avision)

~ Introduction to Hanna Somatics: theory, science and practice (Guest teacher Sandra Soloski)

~ Myofascial Unwinding

~ The neuroscience of mindfulness, and mindful movement practices

~ Rebounding in supine, seated, and standing postures

~ Understanding unconscious holding patterns and how to bring conscious choice and change through rebounding and unwinding

~ Sequencing yoga poses to most effectively impact the fascial system

~ Ball placement in yoga poses

~ The science of fascia at the cellular and molecular level

~ Fascial fluid as a “liquid crystal” matrix: the science and the inner journey


*This program can be taken either as a postgraduate certification course, or as the start of the 300 hour Advanced Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training. Attendees must be a Myofascial Yoga RYT 200 to attend this class. If you are an RYT 200 from a different school, please send an application to see if you qualify.


Guest Teachers:

Joanne Avison


Joanne is an international teacher of applied structural anatomy for movement and manual practitioners in a variety of fields. She is a professional Structural Integration practitioner and certified teacher (KMI, Anatomy Trains 1998-2005 Tom Myers’ school) and Director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training, London, UK.

As a Member of the BioTensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.), Joanne is fascinated by the application of BioTensegrity principles to the understanding of the human blueprint and natural biomotional organisation. Her writing and workshops are devoted to making this emerging context for human movement applicable and clearly understood.

BioTensegrity is an emerging context for biomotional integrity. That is – how we move the way we do. Understanding the fascia and the fabric of our form is relatively meaningless, without the architectural organisation of that fabric, explaining how it permits movement and indeed manages the movement forces we move (that move us). We are formed under tension; pre-stressed or pre-stiffened – but what does that mean to us as movement teachers or manual therapists? What are the implications of tensional forces through the matrix of our living, animated form? The fascia is a force transmission system. BioTensegrity offers a very compelling paradigm that makes sense of its many structures and functions and multifaceted assets.




E-Sport Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Sandra Sokoloski. Sandra is a physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience and has ridden horses for most of her life, competing in various disciplines. She also owns and operates Summit Sport Physiotherapy in Okotoks, Alberta. The focus of Sandra’s equestrian rehabilitation practice is to analyze movement patterns, correct posture, improve body awareness and enhance performance through a variety of physiotherapy treatment techniques.


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