Biotensegrity, balance and the superpower of wholeness

Are you interested in learning how to create more balance in your life? In this module we will be deep diving into how to apply the biotensegrity principles to all areas of your life, how to use your breath as a tool for nervous system regulation, and how to navigate your nervous system responses in every day situations. Here is my personal description of how applying biotensegrity to life, breath and movement has impacted me:



What is biotensegrity? The word tensegrity is the blend of the words “tensile” and “integrity.” It refers to the balancing of the forces of tension and compression to create strength and stability. Biotensegrity is a useful model that applies the principle of tensegrity to the human body. The philosophy is that when tension and compression are in integrity, the body is in balance and its energy can be used optimally and efficiently. Ideally, this looks like smooth, controlled, and efficient movement.

What I love so much about this model is that it’s all about balancing opposing forces and discovering the *advantage* of differences. Understanding the purpose of tension in my body and learning how to embrace it and balance it with its opposing qualities (like compression) has been a game changer in the way I move, both on and off my yoga mat.

But what’s even more cool is how these concepts have spilled over into so many other areas of my life. The principles of tensegrity have helped me take on a new approach to conflicting thoughts in my mind, opposing emotions, body sensations, and even conflict within human relationships.

Biotensegrity is a model of wholeness. It’s taught me how to take on a ‘systems thinking’ approach to movement, breath work and even meditation practices. The superpower of wholeness models is that they paint a bigger scale picture that everything affects everything else. With an embodied tensegrity practice this concept moves from an *idea* of wholeness to a lived experience of continuity and connection.

If you want to learn more about myofascial yoga, and how you can apply biotensegrity to your own movement practice, come join us Wednesday evening for an introduction to biotensegrity followed by a sample class of myofascial yoga. Through mindfulness, gentle movement, and breath awareness you can uncover the superpower of wholeness directly for yourself.

The next biotensegrity, balance and wholeness workshop will be held online via Zoom.

Dates: November 9 – 12,  2023

Guest Teachers:

Joanne Avison

Dr. Arielle Schwartz