Fascia Informed Reiki Certifications

Gentle touch practices have been around for thousands of years and withstand the test of time, and for good reason. In recent years, research into the study of the fascial system is finally giving us a glimpse of how and why these ancients methods work.

This course will blend the traditional system of ancient healing with modern research into fascia science. The relevance of fascia to energy is vast! This program is a great addition to anyone in the helping professions and/or simply have an interest and curiosity of how energy and fascia are relevant to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This course has been painstakingly researched and thoughtfully put together. My intention is to maintain the integrity of the original tradition while upgrading it to align with modern, evidence-based complementary care models.

Find out how the liquid aspect of your fascial matrix is interwoven with your vital energy system, as well as how your brain and the nervous system respond to touch via the different receptors embedded within the fascia.

Starting again fall of 2019:

Tuesday evenings 6-9

Cost: $333 per level*
Level 1: September 24th – October 15th
Level 2: November 5th – November 26th
Level 3: January 14th – February 4th

*If registering for all 3 levels $799

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