Myofascial Yoga, Biotensegrity and unlocking human potential

Mindfulness-based Yoga therapy for athletes

Are you an athlete looking to improve performance? Or are you a yoga teacher and drawn to work with athletes? In this module, you will learn how to apply advanced myofascial yoga, biotensegrity, and mindfulness-based yoga therapy to unlocking human potential. We will cover how to effectively work with athletes and yoga students with an athletic focus, as well as the weekend warrior, unlock their potential and live their best life.

This 50 hours of therapeutic yoga training will teach you how to embrace the principles of biotensegrity and fascia theory for optimal performance and injury prevention in athletes or sports-focused yogi practitioners.

Read more about the science of mindfulness and fascia awareness for athletic performance here.

Course Outline: 

Daily practice sessions: Each morning we will begin with either a fascia awareness practice, embodiment meditation, Biotensegrity focused movement, functional movement or mindful non-linear movement practice. The theme of this training is unlocking your potential and aligning with your own higher intelligence.

Day 1: Review of Biotensgerity principles and Fascia theory with some new updates from Robert Schleip’s latest research. Introduction to working with athletes or students with an athletic focus toward yoga. Powerpoint: Making yoga or movement practice transferable and sustainable. Overview of the importance of a ‘client lead’ or ‘client-focused’ practice plan.
Day 2: Understanding scar tissue and its impact on the integrity of human tissue. Using the principles of Biotensegirty for injury prevention and sustainability. Hands-on exploration of tension and integrity with a Joanne assignment. Introduction to client assessment and intake forms.
Day 3: Joanne Avision will start us off with 2-hour lecture on biomotional intelligence and how to read read and follow the bodies silent language. She will give us follow up homework for the afternoon.
Day 4: Joanne Avision will start us off with a 2-hour Lecture on the geometry of human form, and how to tap into our highest intelligence to accomplish life goals, purpose and passion. Follow up assignment for the afternoon.
Day 5: Tissue adaptation and transferability. Understanding the practical application of functional movement for human performance and unlocking human potential.
Day 6: The neuroscience of ‘flow state’ and how that parallels with Satori of the zen tradition and Samhadi of the yoga tradition. Practice teaching mindfulness and encouraging flow state in yoga students and/or athletes for performance and tapping human potential.
Dates: January 16th – 21st 2021
Investment: $699 before November 1st $899 after


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