Fascia Yoga and Core beliefs

Next Weekend Intensive is October 19 & 20th 2019



This weekend module will uncover current unconscious holding patterns in the body and how to change them into healthy conscious choices that suit the new empowered you.

An example of one of our techniques is a Hakomi mindfulness exercise that we do to practice embodying beliefs. You can try this out right now, if you like. Stand and close your eyes, and then have someone say (or say to yourself) one of your limiting beliefs out loud to see what posture starts to happen organically in the body. For example, if you have a belief like “things don’t work out for me,” you can feel how when you hear it out loud your shoulders come forward and your chest collapses.

If you imagine a belief like this running around subconsciously in someone’s mind, you can understand that they would likely be sitting/standing/walking with shoulders forward and chest collapsed all the time. Because the fascial system has an elastic component, the fascia would be molding around that posture, holding the body in that shape day in and day out.


For this intensive we will begin by choosing a belief about yourself that may be interrupting your ability to live a free and happy life. We will learn the practice of re-wording core beliefs in a short and simple guided meditation. We will then discover what position the old belief has in your body, and choose a new posture that matches the empowered and positive new belief.


Over the course of the weekend we will work on releasing the fascia that has molded around the old belief, releasing all the stuck areas and giving the body freedom to choose a new shape that aligns with your new positive beliefs.


sun salutation