300 Hour Program

The 300 hour program will start where the 200 hour left off. Trauma-informed Myofascial Yoga. Biomechanics-based mindful movement, fascia anatomy, neuroscience with the latest additions of pandiculation, biotensegrity and somatics with mindful strengthening.

The first module is May 12-17 and I’m thrilled to announce Joanne Avison as our guest teacher to introduce the principles of biotensegrity.

I promise you this is NOT your ordinary yoga TTP. Deeply steeped in the Hakomi principles this program offers a non violent setting for safe and effective learning. You will dive deeper into your current yoga understanding and learn many new important upgrades from the world of fascia research and yoga therapy.*

Part 1: May 12 – 17 2018

Science and practice of Pandiculation and Biotensegrity. (Guest teacher Joanne Avision)

Part 2: August 21 – 26 2018 

Functional Movement and Mindful Strength.

(Guest Teacher Joanne Avision will teach us biotensegrity and how it applies to functional strength. Gaston Shaeffer will teach us the science and practice of PNF for ROM and function)

Part 3: October 18 – 23 2018 

Functional Myofascial Anatomy. Come join us in this groundbreaking workshop where fascia chains become whole body networks of multi-dimensional geometry that anticipates and responds to your every movement!

Part 4: December 1 – 6 2018 

Myofascial Movement: The Science of Movement Patterns and Habits, Making the Unconscious Conscious. (Introduction to Somatics with guest teacher Sandra Soloski.) The neuroscience of mindfulness and how it applies to movement.

Part 5: April 6, 7 & 8  

Advanced Myofascial Yoga. Putting the 3 pillars together, creating classes that include all principles. Ball use and placement in poses. Review and practice poses for release, poses to re-train, and poses to unwind compensation and create mindful choice in movement.

Part 6: May 21 – 26 

Advanced Ethics and advanced group work. Deepening the 8 limbs and a full day immersion into the sister science of Yoga, ayurveda. Introduction to applying Hakomi principles to groups. This week includes practicum and ethical business education/marketing.


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*Disclaimer: The yoga therapy components of Myofascial yoga are based on my expertise as a Myofascial Release Therapist and RMT, and are not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.