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Have you always wanted to try yoga? Have you been waiting for a good time to start? Waiting for a time when you are more flexible, fit or peaceful? Restorative yoga may be the place to start. Restorative yoga is suitable for anyone, any fitness level, and is adaptable enough to meet you exactly where you are right now.

Restorative yoga is a gentle and effective approach to whole body healing. The emphasis in restorative yoga is on the word rest. True rest is the same as acceptance, and restorative yoga is about learning to meet your body just as it is right now. From there we learn how to adapt each yoga pose to suit your unique body type in a way that really works for you to get the most beneficial results.

Restorative yoga is suitable for anyone, any fitness level, and is adaptable enough to meet you exactly where you are right now. Check out our schedule to find the best class for your needs.


Fall Classes 2015


Registered Classes


Thursday Night Yoga and Meditation 

7:00 – 8:30 PM: Oct 22 – Nov 26 (6 weeks $100) 

Yoga for all levels. No yoga experience required. This class is a mix of fascia yoga, mindfulness meditation, and traditional (gentle) Iyengar yoga.  Learn to love and respect your body, feel more energy and satisfaction, and make conscious healthy life choices. 


Drop in Classes and Workshops:


Sunday: Meditation Mixed Level 

7:30 – 9:00 PM ~ $20 

 Sunday night meditation will now be held once a month. Class dates are listed below. You are welcome to use your drop in pass for these meditations.

 Next class: September 13th, October 4th, October 25th, November 1st, November 22nd 

 ~ Learn simple meditation techniques like mindfulness, breath awareness, mental focus, and present moment awareness. The intention of this class is to be able to not only learn how to successfully meditate in a group setting, but to easily be able to integrate the feelings of peace, calm, and clarity into your daily life situations.


Reiki Share:

September 30th  7 – 9 pm ~ $20

~ Discover the healing art of Reiki. Experience for yourself how to practice simple techniques to ease pain and bring a greater sense of peace and ease into your life. Workshop will consist of discussion as well as hands on practice of the traditional Reiki skills. All are welcome to attend. (pre-registration is required for this event) 


Fascia Yoga* workshops, day retreats and intensives:

Saturday: Elasticity Fascia yoga workshop

August 22nd  ~ 10:00 – 12:00 ~ for $40 

In this workshop we will be learning about the elastic component of the fascia system and how to release restrictions. (Imagine an elastic band that is pulled tightly and has no more ‘give.’) We will learn why this happens and how to correct it; this will bring your body’s ability to absorb shocks and impacts back to a healthy state, which prevents injuries and speeds healing. We will also discover why this information is important to understand when it comes to chronic posture holding patterns and a healthy yoga practice.

Saturday: Chronic Pain Fascia yoga workshop

 September 12  10:00 – 12:00 ~ for $40 Class Full 


If you are living with chronic pain or stress, this class is for you! We will be learning about proprioception, and using mindfulness mediation to become more aware of that ‘sixth sense.’ We will also discover how your fascial system is a sensory organ and what that means for managing chronic pain or stress. Additionally, we will be discussing how to remove negative habit patterns through body awareness, and how to re-train the body to move toward healthier and more conscious choices.

No yoga experience necessary, all levels welcome.


Saturday: ‘Free your Fascia’ yoga workshop

 September 26th ~ 10:00 – 12:00 ~ for $40 

Using a combination of restorative yoga, Hakomi, and myofascial release therapy, we will unwind body tension and retrain the body to enter into healthier postural patterns. We will also enter into mindfulness in order to understand the body’s current holding patterns, and to learn how we can change them. 


Saturday: Align your pelvis ~ Fascia Yoga workshop 

November 21st  ~ 10:00 – 12:00 ~ for $40 

Improve your posture and your health by creating a healthy stable pelvis! Did you know that chronic low back pain and shoulder tension are often symptoms of a misaligned pelvis? In this workshop we will be learning how to check for misalignments and discussing ways to correct them with simple stretches and MFR self-treatments.  (Continuing Ed. credits are available for this workshop; RYT certification of completion can be provided on request.)

*Read more about what Fascia Yoga is here. 


 Happiness yoga intensive November 6 – 8th

Friday 7 – 9 PM

Saturday 10 – 4 *

Sunday 10 – 1

Investment ~ $180

This fascia yoga and meditation retreat will focus on bringing more happiness into your life! Immerse yourself in this full-weekend intensive of fascia yoga, mindfulness meditation, and hakomi techniques that will leave you feeling light, relaxed, and happy.  (Continuing Ed. credits are available for this workshop; RYT certification of completion can be provided on request.)


*Pot luck lunch, please bring an item.

Read a more detailed description of how releasing fascia can change your core beliefs and your world here.


Online meditations 

Virtual meditations happen weekly on facebook, join here.  


Saturday: Hidden language workshop 

Next Class: TBA

Hidden Language Yoga is style of yoga I learned at Yashodra ashram, and I have always found it to be deeply impacting and a very powerful experience!


Treat yourself to 2 hours of restorative and gentle yoga postures while accessing your bodies deep wisdom. We will be doing 90 min of mindfulness based yoga, followed by 30 min of yoga nidra relaxation and insight mediation.Each pose will be a journey inward to uncover information and insight; my hope is that you will leave feeling rested, empowered, and deeply nourished on every level. Please bring a journal so you can take some notes on what you discover!  


E-RYT200 (1)


Coming soon! 


Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 certification programs.

Call Christine if you are interested in this training at 403-938-9567. Or email


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