Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training Program Description

Are you ready to become a Myofascial Yoga teacher? 

Myofascial Yoga institute of Canada offers a 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program.

The 200-hour program covers the basic foundational teachings of yoga, with some important upgrades from the field of fascia research and mindfulness-based somatic therapies. Having practiced for over twenty years in the fields of Myofascial Release therapy, Hakomi, Reiki and Yoga, I can offer you not only the wisdom of my experience, but also a deeper insight and awareness into your own experience.

Yoga is a time-tested healing modality dating back more than 8000 years, and the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® is considered to be the ultimate therapy for healing all aspects of a person. Myofascial Yoga combines these two along with the latest scientific evidence from the world of fascia research in order to create a well-rounded course that will complement your current practice and add new skills to your classes and workshops.

You will find this training is a wonderful blend of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research. If you are interested in biomechanics, mindfulness, fascia, anatomy, energy medicine, trauma theory or even just deepening your yoga practice, this training is definitely for you! If you don’t yet have a practice and are new to this field, don’t fret- this course will help inspire within you the confidence and ability to become a successful yoga teacher!
This program is a Yoga Alliance (USA) accredited Teacher Training Program. You can attend all 200 hours for a basic level certification  or take single modules for your continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance.


In this (200 hour) training you will receive:

~ an overview of the philosophy of yoga
~ an introduction to the eight limbs of yoga
~ the true purpose of asana yoga practice
~ an introduction to the JFB-Myofascial Release principles
~ how to incorporate JFB-Myofascial Release into your yoga classes
~ how to understand and make use of your body’s ability to self-correct and heal
~ myofascial anatomy of the core yoga poses
~ The study and science of mindfulness and its impact on the brain and nervous system
~ Experience of mindfulness within yoga poses.
~ Hands-on practice of teaching yoga and working with fascia to gain knowledge and confidence

Our intention is that this program will not only benefit your personal yoga practice, but change the lives of your students, as well. We look forward to seeing you, fierce and fresh and ready to learn!!


Check the 2018/2019 schedule here: 200 hour program 


The 300 hour program will start where the 200 hour left off. Trauma-informed Myofascial Yoga. Biomechanics-based mindful movement, fascia anatomy, neuroscience with the latest additions of pandiculation, biotensegrity and somatics with mindful strengthening.

The first module is May 12-17 and I’m thrilled to announce Joanne Avison as our guest teacher to introduce the principles of biotensegrity.

I promise you this is NOT your ordinary yoga TTP. Deeply steeped in the Hakomi principles this program offers a non violent setting for safe and effective learning. You will dive deeper into your current yoga understanding and learn many new important upgrades from the world of fascia research and yoga therapy.*


In this (300 hour) training you will learn:


~ The science and practice of pandiculation

~ Definitions and practice of tacticity, proprioception, interoception, and mechanoreception

~ Introduction to Biotensegrity: science and practice. (Guest teacher; author of Myofascial yoga and biotensegrity expert Joanne Avision)

~ Introduction to Hanna Somatics: theory, science and practice (Guest teacher; physio therapist and somatics teacher Sandra Soloski)

~ Myofascial Unwinding

~ The neuroscience of mindfulness, and mindful movement practices (Guest teacher; neuroscience professor Marjorie Woollacott) 

~ Rebounding in supine, seated, and standing postures

~ Understanding unconscious holding patterns and how to bring conscious choice and change through rebounding and unwinding

~ Sequencing yoga poses to most effectively impact the fascial system

~ Ball placement in yoga poses

~ The science of fascia at the cellular and molecular level (Guest teacher David Lesondak author of ‘Fascia, what it is and why it matters’)

~ Fascial fluid as a “liquid crystal” matrix: the science and the inner journey

~ Deepening your understanding of trauma sensitivity (Guest teachers; trauma therapists Robin Campell and Tracy Sutton) 

~ Deepening your understanding of biomechanics principles (Guest teacher; PhD Biomechanist Gaston Schaeffer)

~ Learn the similarities and differences of muscle energy techniques, pandiculation, PNF and resistance stretching (Guest teacher; PhD Biomechanist Gaston Schaeffer)

~ An introduction to the study and practice of aruyveda

~ Applying Myofascial Principles to all classical yoga poses through different ranges of movement and muscle actions to target fascia


Check the 2018/2019 schedule here: 300 hour program 


What is Myofascial Yoga?

“She is up there for me with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. I love her emphasis on breathing and inward awareness.” — Neri


“These days when yoga is on everyone’s lips, an awakened yogini is still a rarity and Christine is certainly one of the rare ones.” — Igor Kufayev, artist, yogi, and spiritual teacher


What I appreciated most about the Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada is Christine’s expert way of creating a trauma sensitive environment for us as learners, as well as teaching us how to create the same environment in our yoga classes. Over the year that it took me to complete the program, I noticed how each student’s, as well as my own, true light was encouraged to shine. I hadn’t realized before how important creating safety in a group setting is to supporting personal growth. This was a gift! Having injured myself in yoga before, I also appreciated how much permission was given on a consistent basis to honour the body’s own limits, relieving any pressure to make a pose look a certain way. We were given permission to make the pose work for our body and to encourage our students to do the same. Being a Kinesiologist, I also really appreciated the focus on sequencing classes to support improving function in the body, rather than striving to reach a particular milestone within a pose. Exploring the world of fascia in more depth was also always mind blowing. Christine is talented in so many ways, from her expertise in myofascial release, her attention to creating a trauma informed environment to her practice of leadership from a female perspective, I got so much more out of my first 200 hour teacher training than I was expecting. It was a great experience! — Kristen


“Christine’s Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training Course was a life transformation for me. With over 20 years of yoga alone should be an indication that taking a training from her would be an easy decision. Not only that but her wealth of knowledge with the anatomy, Myofascial Release, Hakomi Therapy and Massage Therapy plus many of her life experiences, created such a well rounded course which focused not only on how to teach others, but made us take a good look at ourselves on a deeper level. Her respect for the body and proper alignment gave me a new perspective on the practice of yoga through the art of “non violence”. She is an encyclopedia of information because of her passion for the practice. After taking the training you will have a new respect for your body and I am sure you will be excited to tell others about the wonders of the fascia tissue. I would highly recommend this training not only for beginners but for continuing education for other yoga teachers as we learn more about how “not every body is the same” and how to respect each individuals practice in a non-violent approach. Thank you Christine.” — Rikki


“Myofascial yoga is based on Science. Christine Wushke makes sense of yoga by integrating  myofascial understanding into the art of connecting mind and body. I love all the ‘aha’s that I have experienced in her teacher training.” — Linda


“I love that Christine has set up the course to be flexible. You can take the full 200hrs together or as seperate modules to learn at your own pace. I was afraid of returning to a learning environment and being overwhelmed with lots of sitting and instruction. Christine presents the class through a very hands on experiential approach that makes it easy to learn. I have been able to work towards my 200hrs without taking time off work or an exessive amount of time away from family which has also helped spread the financial commitment out. I am greatly enjoying learning more about yoga, how to help others through yoga and about myself.” — Kandis


“Before representing an important upgrade and update of my abilities, this course has been a journey to discover a new part of myself. I came all the way from Italy because I was attracted by its innovative approach, and it clearly confirmed that Myofascial teaching is the right path for me.

Christine was able to show me how the practice of Myofascial Yoga is a powerful tool to make friendship with the body and help it process every trauma, both at the physical and emotional level.

I learned how important listening to body needs is, recognizing any and all tensions in the fascial system and releasing them, being gently guided in each pose without forcing. The human body and its alignments, poses and their adjustments, group dynamics, yoga meditation are just some of the topics covered in the course.

It is, in fact, a perfect set of practical lessons, video insights, and written material, and it comes with all the support and suggestions needed to teach consciously, and to create a space where the teacher’s and student’s needs are met.
The amazing combination of abilities and knowledge Christine has gathered through 25 years of Yoga practices, as a Reiki master, healer and body worker, coupled with a very extensive familiarity with spiritual research, Hakomi therapy, and Myofascial Release, made this course a blessing.

A very important aspect in this path has been the complicity and relationship of trust established in the class and with my classmates. We were able to share fun and personal moments, exchange tips and support each other, and we built a comfortable and safe environment.” —Valeria, Italy



Christine Wushke began her yoga teaching career in 1997, and is now the author of Freedom is Your Nature: A Practical Guide to Transformation and creator of the “Easy Yoga for Beginners” DVD.

A long time Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Myofascial Release Therapist, and Certified Hakomi Practitioner, Christine decided to merge her specialties. She began to incorporate the principles of Myofascial Release and Mindfulness into all her yoga classes and, noticing the amazing results and effectiveness, she designed her own system of Myofascial Yoga.

In this practice, she blends the profound principles of Myofascial Release with the mindfulness of Hakomi and the biomechanics of movement, all while keeping intact the essence of Yoga as an 8-fold transformative path and holistic healing system.

Christine is committed to bringing you the latest information from not only the world of fascia research but also the science of the brain and nervous system, and all while offering the opportunity for you to go inward and discover the benefits directly for yourself. Her aim is to create a sacred space for students to effortlessly find the presence of stillness and an inner silence. Her mission is to raise consciousness on the planet by empowering people to realize their own Divinity and to uncover a deep peace within.

She runs the Journey to Light Wellness Center in Canada and regularly conducts Myofascial Yoga retreats in the Rocky Mountains and Hawaii. In addition to yoga classes and retreats, she is also a registered massage therapist specializing in both John Barnes Myofascial Release and Hakomi.

Price for entire program

200 hour ~ $2777 (save $886)

300 hour ~ $4444 (save $950)


Payment plans are available.

Please call Christine for more information or to register: 403-701-9567


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*Disclaimer: The yoga therapy components of Myofascial yoga are based on my expertise as a Myofascial Release Therapist and RMT, and are not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Myofascial Yoga Modules

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