My Story

green grass namaste Christine WushkeI’m a Canadian woman in my late 30s with a son, ex-husband, house, and real job. I don’t live in a cave and I’ve never been to the Far East. Yet since the age of 6, when, spontaneously, I had my first Divine experience and felt the presence of the warmest unconditional love, I’ve wanted and worked to make that experience permanent. But while over the years I’ve had a number of similar experiences, they’ve always vanished after some time, leaving me feeling bereft and near despairing.

Then one day about ten years ago, while studying A Course in Miracles and meditating on my inner ‘I’, I felt a pop, and a liquid sensation started rushing up my spine. It felt delicious, and surprising, for I had no idea what it was. I only knew that the more I dove into my inner ‘I’, the more intense and ecstatic the experience became. Something in my head erupted, and I felt again that same all-knowing, unconditionally loving presence that I’d first felt at the age of 6. Except this time, the feeling didn’t go away. I got up from meditation, dressed myself and my son, Evan, and took him to the park. Everything looked completely different. It was as though I’d stepped into another world. The grass seemed greener and the sky brighter.

Over time, the experience shifted, but it was always with me. I didn’t have a formal teacher, but I discovered that the meditation technique I’d been using when the experience occurred was one taught by the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi and was part of a spiritual outlook or yogic philosophy known as Advaita Vedanta, a form of non-dualism.

At 34, I met Karam, and soon realized that I felt towards him a complete trust as a spiritual teacher. I knew instinctively that wherever I was going, he was the one who would take me there.

One month later, I dreamt I was flying through space, and at some point I realized I wasn’t really dreaming at all. I felt a deep sense of fear rise up, and I knew I wasn’t in control. I saw what appeared to be a membrane coming towards me, and the fear really gripped me for I sensed that if I hit that wall, it would be the end of ‘me’. I tried to resist, but it was futile. I was rushing towards it and there was no slowing my momentum.

When I hit the wall, I popped through it and out the other side. In that moment, everything became still and completely silent. All momentum ceased and I was suspended in space, in a vacuum that was pure and still. After a while I returned to body-consciousness, and when I opened my eyes, everywhere I looked I saw and felt that same delicious emptiness and perfect stillness.

It took me almost six months to realize how significant this shift had been — and permanent. I remember standing in the kitchen looking at my mom and these thoughts I had always had about her just fell away. It was as if all my expectations about our relationship and my belief that I knew who she was and how she should be were erased. I was seeing her clearly for the very first time, and because of this we could be intimate, truly and fully intimate. It was amazing. I began to have the same experience with my ex-husband, my sister, and my son. It was letting people be who they were, with full acceptance and with no judgment. I didn’t have to fix them. I only had to love them. And this change of view really did shift the tenor of all of my relationships.

Around this time, people started asking me questions and I began to share with them what I’d learned. People reported back that what I had told them had greatly impacted their life for the better, and asked me to share more. I hadn’t been moved to talk about my experiences until people started asking me, drawing them out. Which is how, eventually, I came to write this book.

If someone were to ask what this book is about, I’d say: No matter who you are, no matter where you are, it is possible to live in harmony with your world and your own self so that you don’t feel your life is a constant struggle. Everyone can do this. I’ve done it. You can do it. It is your birthright.

So please come with me now and I’ll show you how.

“Unity consciousness has become an important topic for many people on our planet right now; it is my wish to contribute to the quest for true and lasting peace on this planet, both within and without.

I see all life as precious, every leaf on every tree as sacred, and the twinkle in a child’s eye as magical. I see the experience of humanity as a rare and precious gift, and feel that each moment here is full of potential for expansion, expression, and appreciation for life as it is. I see you as a gift, a treasure, and a unique expression of life itself, and I honor all that you are.”

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