Functional Yoga for Art Lovers

Did you know that proprioceptive training can reduce neck pain and tension?
Since I’ve been spending more time on artwork lately, I’ve also been spending more time looking down than my body is used to. This has led to an increase in neck and shoulder tension. And because I want to be painting for a long, long time, I’ve started creating a therapeutic yoga sequence to support my head and neck to help me do what I love.
If you haven’t met me yet, I am a longtime yoga therapist, functional trainer, and myofascial release therapist. Essentially, I spend a lot of time every day helping bodies meet the tasks of daily life more easily and with less pain.
So this week, I’ve been creating a therapeutic yoga and functional training sequence for upper body. My mindful movement practice sessions have been devoted to improving proprioception (which is basically a fancy word for body awareness 😁) in my neck, head, and upper spine. And you know what? It’s super effective! Want to know why? I’ll share all about the science behind it tomorrow!
I’ll also be showing you how to do a really simple set of movements to strengthen, support, and release your neck, chest, and upper back.
We will also be learning mindful somatic breath techniques, followed by Kristen Neff’s three-step self-compassion practice.


Click here to be taken to the myofascial yoga community practice page so you can join us for free!


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