What Christine's Clients Say

“She is up there for me with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. More emphasis on breathing and inward awareness. Please do another one that is a a bit more intense but with the same emphasis.” — Neri

“In a single class, Christine’s guidance led me to a ‘light bulb moment’ that completely altered my approach to my yoga practice. With this new understanding, my practice has become much more natural, holistic and (hurrah!) enjoyable. I now After years of yoga practice, I am very grateful to have found Christine and look forward to many realizations and connections and much growth under her instruction.” ~ Lorna

“Christine was able to show me how the practice of Myofascial Yoga is a powerful tool to make friendship with the body and help it process every trauma, both at the physical and emotional level.
The amazing combination of abilities and knowledge Christine has gathered through 25 years of Yoga practices, as a Reiki master, healer and body worker, coupled with a very extensive familiarity with spiritual research, Hakomi therapy, and Myofascial Release, made this course a blessing.” ~ Valeria

“More than a yoga teacher, Christine is a guide who works with everyone wherever they are and takes them further into release and connection with self. Amazing! I can’t recommend this workshop enough. 100% enjoyed every moment.” — Debbie

“You create such a warm, safe space for everyone to learn and explore. I had virtually no yoga experience but felt very safe and accepted and comfortable. As a person who deals with chronic pain, I was looking forward to trying the fascia yoga and Hakomi. I can’t begin to describe the, almost immediate, physical, emotion and mental relief I felt.
It was absolutely the most healing and rejuvenating experience I’ve ever had! It was a complete mind/body experience that I crave to maintain.” — Connie

“The yoga moves were very gentle and allowed the body to have time to settle into the pose, stretch and release with the aid of soft balls. These balls targeted tight spots on the body and we would hold the pose for at least ninety seconds thus allowing us to relax and release. Christine’s wisdom, knowledge and groundedness are outstanding and the best part is that she does this with ease and grace and makes it a whole lot of fun. Oh by the way her laugh is infectious too.” — Dianne

“Yoga with Christine is always blissful and comfortable and “all are welcome here” definitely applies. I recommend Christine to all interested in the true practice of yoga.” –Susan

“For everyone who thought they could never do yoga and enjoy doing it, this is the class for you!” – Gisele

“Christine teaches from her soul. She’s clear and concise in her instruction of poses and their physical purpose, and yet allows every opportunity for her students to find the mind/spirit/body connection. A great teacher!” – Sue

“Christine radiates a peaceful and cheerful presence which is very calming. She welcomes whatever comes up, without judgment. I feel free to show up exactly as I am and to know that all is loved and accepted. She is skilled at modifying each asana to suit what I can do. I never feel pressured to do more than I am able.” JM

“I have taken classes and training with Christine for the past couple of years in Reiki, meditation and yoga. I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my day-to-day life. I find that I am more in tune to myself and the world around me. I am thrilled to have added these elements to my life and look forward to continuing personal growth and spiritual development. I am so thrilled to have found you. Thank you Christine!” – Lynn

“Christine’s yoga is a nourishing blend of meditation, breath, gentle movement and stillness. Each & every class is a sacred journey home. Christine’s presence creates a welcoming and loving space to experience “true” yoga. Your yoga brings me fully into the present moment and into stillness” – Rose

“Christine makes yoga yummy. Through her unique blend of the therapeutic and spiritual pillars of yoga, she seems to effortlessly organize asana movement, breath awareness and meditations so that one’s body moves into a state of relaxation rather than willfullness. Christine skilfully directs the student toward the conscious awareness of their physical experience she then guides us beyond our limitations and pain to a place of both healing and the release of tension as we journey home. Spirituality is based on actual, personal experience and effort – and for me, this is the strength of Christine’s yoga.” – Cindy

“Christine’s meditations are a wonderful tool in accessing your unlimited potential. These meditations invite you to ignite the power of positive change in your life.”
Micael Ledwith 

“Christine’s meditations are a delicious invitation into the depths of beingness.”
Karen McPhee

“Christine has a very, very sweet way of pointing towards the Subtle Field within. That ability (of pointing towards) is not common and is what makes her special as a Teacher. Christine is a beautiful expression of the Boundless. I am very happy for all the students that will bump into her on their own journey Home.” ~ Claudio

“The second track is truly a work of genius,the more I listen to it, the deeper I fall, I managed to reach deep pools of stillness and quietude. This definitely is a great help.” ~ Chris

“Knowing Christine through her helpful workshops and incorporating the CD into my life has helped me a tremendous amount. I am honestly amazed a person can get to such a peaceful place and forget all body aches and pains with simple breathing and meditation.” ~Anna

“I have listened to countless Meditation CD’s from many sources and this is the first CD that is able to consistently awaken me to directly experience presence and stillness. Through the simple breathing techniques and guided instructions I am able to find stillness in the moment and lasting ease throughout the day. If you are new or experienced at meditating I am sure that you will benefit by practicing these beautiful meditations.” ~ Richard

“This CD is beautiful, very apt. I Really found your voice soothing like an anchor, and the music keeping the tone down in the gut, I felt a pranic tingling at the end. I am drawn to traditional yoga methods, this is honoring that rich tradition. It is a highly professional product.” ~ Chris

Yoga for Pelvic Health Weekend Intensive

Yoga for Pelvic Health This is quite possibly the most exciting module in the Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training program!* The pelvis is literally the central pivot point of our body, which means that a problem in pelvic alignment has maximum potential for detrimental compensation patterns, heading outward in either direction. John F. Barnes makes a […]

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Myofascial Anatomy Weekend Intensive

If you are an anatomy geek or fascia lover, this workshop is for you!   During this weekend intensive we will cover basic Myofascial anatomy and how it pertains to yoga and the biomechanics of functional movement. We will discuss the science of fascia in theory, while also devoting a portion of class time to […]

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New Workshop: Pranayama and Upper Body Alignment

This 2.5 hour workshop will cover the bio-mechanics of breathing and Myofascial self-treatment releases for the ribs, thoracic spine, and neck. If you have upper body tension, shoulder pain, headaches, or simply an interest in the purpose of healthy yogic breathing, this workshop is for you! Topics covered include: ~ Why increased mobility and correct […]

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An Introduction to Myofascial Yoga

An Introduction to Myofascial Yoga September 23 – 25 In this weekend intensive you will: ~ Understand the many principles of Myofascial Yoga, and how to incorporate it into your current yoga (and life!) practice ~ Deepen into an effective mindfulness meditation practice ~ Integrate mindfulness and body awareness into your everyday life ~ Discover […]

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Myofascial Yoga adjustments for teachers

Adjustments in yoga have become more and more commonplace in classes, but are we doing them properly? Find out how you can engage your student’s entire fascia system with hands-on adjustments during this module. YA credits are available for continuing CEU’s, or it can be used toward your yoga teacher training certification. Some topics to […]

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Myofascial Yoga: Add pressure to your practice

Fun Fascia Fact: About 7.5 liters of fluid moves through the extracellular matrix each day. (That’s a lot, considering we only hold 4.5 liters of blood at a time!) When your fascia is restricted, it limits the flow of fluid. Imagine a sponge wrapped up tightly with elastic bands and thrown into a sink full […]

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Myofascial Yoga

Myofascial Yoga is designed to reduce pain, restore motion and align your body well. Myofascial Yoga combines the many benefits of mindfulness, body awareness, self inquiry, and myofascial release to create a whole-person healing system that is easy and achievable for anyBody.

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What’s your spark?

I wrote this a while ago, but all this Olympic excitement moved me to share it again. I hope you find it inspiring. I’m remembering when I was 14 and on the swim team. We would get motivational speakers in sometimes, and they would tell us about setting goals, and how the human spirit is […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions about Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training:   Q: What is a modular style program? A: This teacher training program consists of ten modules. Each module is a lesson on an aspect of the Myofascial Yoga system.   Q: Do I have to take the modules in order? A: The Myofascial Yoga Training Program […]

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Get Started/Get Well Yoga Mentorship Program

I was having a conversation today with a young woman who has been looking into becoming a yoga teacher, but is feeling discouraged because no established yoga studios will hire a beginning teacher.   This was sad to me; I felt her frustration. I, too, can sometimes feel the competitive and unfriendly atmosphere of the […]

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