About Chris Clancy

Chris Clancy cropped

Chris Morita Clancy, IYTA, ERYT500, is a mother, ocean swimmer, and body nerd. She is a retired Vijnana Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She is also the developer and director of Embodied Biotensegrity: an international, collaborative learning community of biotensegrity enthusiasts.

Chris shares her passion fully, generously and enthusiastically. She creates spaces for deep and meaningful conversations bringing out the best in those she works with.

She is a board member of the Stephen M. Levin Biotensegrity Archive, a founding member of Pacific Northwest Biotensegrity Interest Group (PNWBIG) and, together with Graham Scarr and Susan Lowell de Solórzano, co-host and executive producer of the BiotensegriTea Party. She has contributed to Susan Lowel de Solòzano’s book “Everything Moves: How biotensegrity informs human movement” and to Karen Kirkness’ book “Spiral Bound: Integrated Anatomy for Yoga”.

Learn more about Chris’s online learning community at www.embodiedbiotensegrity.ca