Transformational Yoga Retreats

 Connect with Mother Nature

It’s so easy feel isolated and alone in this disconnected modern world. A yoga retreat is a way to reconnect with nature.

Doing sun salutations as the sun sets over the mountains  will inspire and invigorate. Imagine walking barefoot, letting the sand massage your feet as the waves splash over your toes. Or imagine the smell of the pine as the sound of the river tickles your ears. While these experiences in nature are soothing, more importantly they nourish the soul. Whether swimming with dolphins or hiking by gorgeous Rocky Mountain peaks, you are reminded that you are never alone, but connected to this beautiful cosmos.

The synergy is further deepened in the lasting relationships made with other retreat participants. Yoga retreats are more often than not transformational, and the bonds built during times of intense growth are strong. Many who attend our retreats find that while they get the peace and quiet they’ve been craving, they find valuable new friendships too.

Week Long Yoga Retreats

Spring Ocean Yoga Retreat

Summer Yoga Retreat in the Rocky Mountains


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