About Christine Wushke

IMG_20221028_205325_893 croppedChristine is known internationally as a leading myofascial yoga teacher trainer and for her work at the intersection of mindful movement, biotensegrity, and myofascial release. Her approach to helping people live in balance with their body, mind, spirit and the world around them is informed by the Eight Limbs of classical yoga, biotensegrity, her background in myofascial release and Hakomi, the latest neurodevelopmental research coming out of the scientific community, and her compassion for her fellow humans. She is also passionate about making the profound benefits of mindful movement practice accessible across the diversity of human experience, including those with chronic pain, limited mobility and those who are not financially or culturally privileged.

Christine shares her approach to mindful movement with yogis, yoga instructors and other movement practitioners through the Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada, of which she is the founder and lead instructor. She encourages all her students to build on her teachings with their personal experience and knowledge, and in turn pass their teachings on to their own students.

As a myofascial release therapist trained in the John F. Barnes Approach and a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, Christine works directly with clients out of her Journey to Light Wellness studio in Okotoks, Alberta. She is also the author of the book Freedom Is Your Nature and teaches a wide range of mindful movement courses through Ekhart Yoga, Yoga U and other leading yoga schools. When she’s not teaching, working with clients or expanding her knowledge in all things movement, biotensegrity and neuroscience related, you can find Christine exploring the peaks and valleys of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.