About Joanne Avison

Joanne Avison

Joanne Avison is an advanced movement and manual therapist, fascinated by living human anatomy and the science of body architecture. Her Masters’ degree is in Spiritual Science and as an author, teacher and Yoga Therapist, she teaches internationally, inspiring practitioners to help their clients move better! Joanne’s presentations on living anatomy for movement and manual practitioners (of any discipline) take practitioners “across The Rubicon” to the new paradigm emerging in the study of connective tissue. The book YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement (Handspring Publishing, 2015) is a practitioners’ guide, for all types of yoga and movement teachers.

Understanding fascia, in-depth (translating the science from the anatomy lab into the practice on the mat) is a key to how we understand and appreciate living human structure; from anatomy to architecture; to animating the body. Joanne creates the bridge from biomechanics to biomotional beings; to how fasciategrity works in practice. “We can restore balance and magic in everyday movements from speed to stillness and beyond – and love learning it!” By understanding biomotional body blueprints and archetypal movement patterns, you can transform your ability to empower yourself, your classes and your clients. Traveling together from the classical to the connected, Joanne takes the conversation into 21st Century anatomy and onward to the collective awareness of humans being, that it applies to. In practice we animate ourselves, depending on the shape we are in; so how do we do that and what common denominators help us make sense of the patterns we rely on, in practice?