Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Testimonials

About guest teacher Joanne Avison’s presence in the myofascial yoga teacher training:

Joanne Avison masterfully weaves scientific fact and its spiritual/metaphysical implications in a way that is both tangible and comprehensive. Being able to study under her guidance and through her lectures have both helped me understand fascia as well as the magic that is found in everyday life. She is knowledgeable, witty, clever, and so wise. It was meaningful for me that she would make a point of connecting with each student to hear our thoughts and understandings so that none would be left behind and that all would be able to fully digest the knowledge she was presenting. Joanne is a gift. I found myself excited to “sit at her feet” and glean what nuggets of scientific knowledge and metaphysical awareness that she would lay before us. I am not only blessed but deeply honored that she would take the time to share from herself through Christine’s course, touching my life in such a direct and beautiful way. I am not only a better teacher because of her teachings but the profound understandings that I collected in listening to her have enriched my life in ways that I didn’t know it could.” — Kathleen

Experiences of the Myofascial yoga teacher training: 

What I appreciated most about the Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada is Christine’s expert way of creating a trauma-sensitive environment for us as learners, as well as teaching us how to create the same environment in our yoga classes. Over the year that it took me to complete the program, I noticed how each student’s, as well as my own, true light was encouraged to shine. I hadn’t realized before how important creating safety in a group setting is to supporting personal growth. This was a gift! Having injured myself in yoga before, I also appreciated how much permission was given on a consistent basis to honour the body’s own limits, relieving any pressure to make a pose look a certain way. We were given permission to make the pose work for our body and to encourage our students to do the same. Being a Kinesiologist, I also really appreciated the focus on sequencing classes to support improving function in the body, rather than striving to reach a particular milestone within a pose. Exploring the world of fascia in more depth was also always mind-blowing. Christine is talented in so many ways, from her expertise in myofascial release, her attention to creating a trauma-informed environment to her practice of leadership from a female perspective, I got so much more out of my first 200-hour teacher training than I was expecting. It was a great experience!” — Kristen

“Amazing program! Christine brings her students on an eye opening journey of self awareness and self love while teaching them and empowering them to share the same with their own students.” — Jamie

This past week marked the completion of my 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Christine Wushke.

“I thought I was signing up for a bit more knowledge about yoga and anatomy, and maybe a bit of philosophy in there somewhere. What I wound up with was an entirely different approach to teaching, a mind-blowing understanding of the human body, as well as a complete renovation in how I interact and communicate with myself (and others).

“If you are a yoga teacher or student – or even if you’re just yoga-curious, there is incredible gain to spending any amount of time with Christine’s mind.

“I can’t recommend her enough, please go see her. I guarantee you’ll walk away with insights you didn’t know, you didn’t know.” — Tanya 

I looked into Myofascial Yoga with Teacher Christine Wushke for my own health benefits and needs. Years after suffering from being in a life altering motorcycle accident that caused substantial injuries to a large majority of my body and emotional trauma to my state of mind. 

“My body was not as mobile as it once was and needed TLC to heal. But I knew I needed it to be in a safe trauma informed way. Both for my body and mind.

“I knew I didn’t want to live a life anymore with constant pain, depression, PTSD or to have arthritis take over.

“You ask How have I benefited from this training? I have gone from having next to no pain, becoming physically and emotionally mindfully awakened. I have more energy then I ever had. I hike mountains, became a SUP instructor, Aerial Yoga Teacher and, Reiki practitioner. Have been able to pick up my camera gear again with passion. Most important I do all and live more mindfully and know that the greatest part of life is Less Is More!!” — Madonna 

The safety, care and warm embrace that Christine provides and the level of knowledge is simply above any rating system. Hands down this has been the best learning experience of my life.” — Heather 

A truly authentic and all encompassing course, that exceeded my expectations. Christine really embodies so many of the qualities you would hope to find in a teacher, a practitioner and a fellow yogi. A fun, fully supported and safe environment for learning and exploring, I would highly recommend Christine, her school and course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of fascia, yoga and movement.” — Emer

This form of yoga incorporates breathing, meditation, myofascial release with passive stretches, neuromuscular re-education and strengthening poses. Christine did a wonderful job integrating Myofascial release with yoga. There was a lot of information but, she is a gentle teacher and is careful to explain things in different ways so everyone can understand. I loved taking my first 200 hour yoga teacher training with Christine.” Kathryn

Christine’s Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training Course was a life transformation for me. With over 20 years of yoga alone should be an indication that taking a training from her would be an easy decision. Not only that but her wealth of knowledge with the anatomy, Myofascial Release, Hakomi Therapy and Massage Therapy plus many of her life experiences, created such a well rounded course which focused not only on how to teach others, but made us take a good look at ourselves on a deeper level. Her respect for the body and proper alignment gave me a new perspective on the practice of yoga through the art of “non violence”. She is an encyclopedia of information because of her passion for the practice. After taking the training you will have a new respect for your body and I am sure you will be excited to tell others about the wonders of the fascia tissue. I would highly recommend this training not only for beginners but for continuing education for other yoga teachers as we learn more about how “not every body is the same” and how to respect each individuals practice in a non-violent approach. Thank you Christine.” — Rikki

“I want to take a moment to rave about my experience with Christine Wushke at Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada in her Trauma-informed Myofascial Yoga program. I have recently completed my 200hr with her and have just begun the 300hr myofascial yoga therapist training she offers.

“She is an excellent teacher and her approach is not only educated but truly all encompassing. With humor and authenticity she presents her program along with skillfully selected guest speakers that add endlessly to the depth and well rounded education she offers. Due to her approach seeped heavily in the Hakomi Institute of Calgary Principles, she holds a space of safety for personal exploration and discovery through movement, breath, functional alignment and yoga. It is a deeply expansive and empowering one.

“I feel like I am at a loss for words to be honest. This experience has deeply moved me and has made me even more blissful and equipped in my endless blooming.

“So I so happened to stumble upon this here video that sums up my experience perfectly. 200hrs condensed into 1 min 37 seconds. If you would imagine I am the kitty cat; the flower is Christine, her 200hr program, and all her wisdom and experience. Injoy.
I am endlessly grateful to Christine, all the guest teachers, speakers, authors, physiotherapists, and all who came to learn and play along side me. The Light in me honors the Light in you. — Kat

I have had the best experience taking the 200hr Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training with Christine Wushke! As a health professional coming from a science and rehabilitation background with minimal yoga experience, Christine ties in science and spirituality and dives into the role of fascia and using yoga poses for fascial release. This yoga teacher training has taught me so much about the body and how the body processes trauma. In a rehabilitation perspective, I have acquired many more tools and skills and feel much more aware of the trauma that a body carries and how to properly approach and adapt to people’s needs.

On a personal perspective, my mind has been blown… Christine is absolutely amazing and leads the group with such deep understanding and creates a safe space to explore the depths of your body, mind and soul. The science of fascia mixed with the spiritual philosophies of life has changed the way I look at life and has helped me grow in ways I can’t even begin to explain… I second this cat video…. — Jocelynn 

Myofascial yoga is based on Science. Christine Wushke makes sense of yoga by integrating  myofascial understanding into the art of connecting mind and body. I love all the ‘aha’s that I have experienced in her teacher training.” — Linda

I love that Christine has set up the course to be flexible. You can take the full 200hrs together or as seperate modules to learn at your own pace. I was afraid of returning to a learning environment and being overwhelmed with lots of sitting and instruction. Christine presents the class through a very hands on experiential approach that makes it easy to learn. I have been able to work towards my 200hrs without taking time off work or an exessive amount of time away from family which has also helped spread the financial commitment out. I am greatly enjoying learning more about yoga, how to help others through yoga and about myself.” — Kandis

“Christine’s guidance led me to a ‘light bulb moment’ that completely altered my approach to my yoga practice. With this new understanding, my practice has become much more natural, holistic and (hurrah!) enjoyable.  After years of yoga practice, I am very grateful to have found Christine and look forward to many realizations and connections and much growth under her instruction.” ~ Lorna

“Before representing an important upgrade and update of my abilities, this course has been a journey to discover a new part of myself. I came all the way from Italy because I was attracted by its innovative approach, and it clearly confirmed that Myofascial teaching is the right path for me.

“Christine was able to show me how the practice of Myofascial Yoga is a powerful tool to make friendship with the body and help it process every trauma, both at the physical and emotional level.

“I learned how important listening to body needs is, recognizing any and all tensions in the fascial system and releasing them, being gently guided in each pose without forcing. The human body and its alignments, poses and their adjustments, group dynamics, yoga meditation are just some of the topics covered in the course.

“It is, in fact, a perfect set of practical lessons, video insights, and written material, and it comes with all the support and suggestions needed to teach consciously, and to create a space where the teacher’s and student’s needs are met.
The amazing combination of abilities and knowledge Christine has gathered through 25 years of Yoga practices, as a Reiki master, healer and body worker, coupled with a very extensive familiarity with spiritual research, Hakomi therapy, and Myofascial Release, made this course a blessing.

“A very important aspect in this path has been the complicity and relationship of trust established in the class and with my classmates. We were able to share fun and personal moments, exchange tips and support each other, and we built a comfortable and safe environment.” —Valeria, Italy

The yoga moves were very gentle and allowed the body to have time to settle into the pose, stretch and release with the aid of soft balls. These balls targeted tight spots on the body and we would hold the pose for at least ninety seconds thus allowing us to relax and release. Christine’s wisdom, knowledge and groundedness are outstanding and the best part is that she does this with ease and grace and makes it a whole lot of fun. Oh by the way her laugh is infectious too.” — Dianne