Integrative Wellness

white lotus Chi King CC searchIntegrative wellness is a new form of energy healing that Integrates the body, mind and spirit to work together to achieve optimal health and overall well being. Incorporating the healing modalities of Reiki, Reconnective healing, Myofascial Release therapy, and Hakomi; Christine brings your body, mind and spirit back into a state of harmonious balance and inner freedom.

I offer spiritual awakening guidance and integrated wellness coaching sessions. For some this looks like transformation practice or even private satsang. In these private sessions you receive spiritual guidance or help finding personal transformation.

I focus on whole-brain integration and transforming core beliefs through transforming the body.


What Clients Say About the Integrative Wellness Private Sessions

“Christine’s sessions are life-enhancing. She creates a clear open space in which truth can be realized. Her inner light shines and illuminates what is not yet seen. Her wonderfully open heart embraces everything with love. You know the great Mother is holding you when you are with Christine.” – Karen McPhee

“Christine has a very, very sweet way of pointing towards the Subtle Field within. That ability (of pointing towards) is not common and is what makes her special as a Teacher. Christine is a beautiful expression of the Boundless. I am very happy for all the students that will bump into her on their own journey Home.”  —Claudio

“She has done amazing session after session, and yes….yes ….yes she is the real deal. I spent six yrs with a Buddhist nun directed with love in meditation……another six with an authentic yogi from india…..still searching and slightly bewildered….Christine after a number of sessions cleared the way to being…….to living and being truth….she sees and knows and loves deeply” —Raymond

“My private sessions with Christine incorporating mindfulness and her own intuitive healing skills, have truly enhanced my working and personal life.  Christine’s gentle guidance and teaching have given me clarity on the limiting perspectives and amazing power of the human consciousness.  Each session has been a unique and powerful experience which has truly transformed my way of being in the world and has inspired feelings of absolute  peace and satisfaction.  The gifts that Christine has brought into my life are guiding me to change my perception of myself and others.  I am integrating my mind and body and becoming aware of the difficulties in life caused by unconscious beliefs and habits.  Christine has taught me a great deal about what it means to be accepting, mindful and committed to living through her amazing insight, compassion and energy.  The light of awareness these sessions have cast is almost tangible and her genuine compassion and non-judgmental approach has helped me to take a fundamentally different and enlightened pathway forward. ” —Julie

“Once you have experienced any session with Christine, you will be forever changed for the better.” —Sandra

“The images and feelings I experienced were not like anything I’ve ever had before. I could actually feel my crown chakra open up and feel the love coming through. First time ever for that. Not sure this is making any sense or would be a good testimonial. All I know is, if you are searching, go see Christine.” —Alisen

“Christine you bring clarity to my emotional confusion and I clearly see my role in the roller coaster.
It takes me out out of victim to reach the state of zero as I don’t want to spend time in a state of non love.” —Gisele

“Christine comes from a place of purity, and her sessions are held in a loving grace allowing whatever ‘field’ the client is aware in…holding space for the energy to transform or flow and re-balance into zero” —Susan

“It is as if Christine can tune into the zone where we are all expressions of unconditional love, and then we experience our own divine essence too. What a gift, and what a loving soul she is” —Summer

“Every time Christine has spent time with me it’s like being held in the arms of the universe.” —Lisa

“They say that the universe conspires on our behalf, and i believe it does. I have had many synchronicities, pieces fall into place lately, but one of the most powerful ‘ones’ was when we had a chat on Skype and you told me “to just stop”. That seemed to be the start of a swell that has risen to tsunami levels within.
Of course i had heard that many times before, but that time it got through and the power of it has been reverberating since… like a cosmic trigger of sorts. Thank you for channeling Grace to me” —John

“The most magical portion of these sessions is i have never met her face to face…….and on a day i was wandering in the woods asking for guidance and truth …… My phone rang and it was Christine….that session forever transformed me into truth as i see it now……and the funniest part was days later she had no clue to what i was referring to…….magic at the deepest level…….she took no credit” —Raymond

“A private session with Christine is a wonderful opportunity for one to explore their spiritual essence and steep within that. Christine is a remarkable being with a heart that is among the kindest and wisest I have known. It is truly a gift to be able to share in the timeless wisdom that she so skillfully embodies, and for that I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend that spiritual aspirants try a session with Christine to discover this for themselves.” —Ryan

“Christine is a gifted and open hearted channel of divine love and light. What I experience in a session with Christine is true purity. She enhances the connection with ones higher self and magnificently assist’s with your evolutionary path. Miracles and truth are forever unfolding. I feel blessed to have reconnected with Christine on my journey. She is truly walking her truth.” —Susan

“You have a wonderful depth but carry your wisdom lightly.” —Harsh Luthar

I am available for private sessions in person, by phone, or skype. Individual sessions are $125 CAN, book an appointment here.