Threading the Needle of Fear


threading the needle[3] The deepest scariest place inside, the one that we want to run from screaming in terror, is the exact place to go to access your inherent freedom. The place that you want to run from is like the center point of life, surrounded by a wall of fighter planes. The fighter planes will go off to battle if anyone or anything gets close. But behind that wall of ‘fight,’ is the soft spot, the tender point that is waiting to be met by life.

It’s like threading a needle, to find the softest spot, and let it be openly touched by life. It moves us through into a freedom where there is no inside or outside. Where we can be open and undefended to receive the fullness of life, and then in the same breath give it back to everyone and everything we love.

This is the place where joy and love and sorrow and pain can all mingle together with the boundless strength and presence of the infinite. Vulnerability is not a weakness or something to avoid, and it isn’t something to run from or fix, it is simply the gateway to the greatest strength imaginable. Life is forever giving us exactly what we need in order to stand unguarded amidst the fullness of life. All that is ever required of you is to say simply say yes.

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