Creating Trauma-Informed Meditation Programs

Yoga therapists, teachers, life coaches and healers:
Are you ready to learn how to create life-changing somatic meditation programs* for your clients?
In this 3-part workshop series you will learn how to create your own somatic program, as well as how to teach your clients the same.

Why trauma-informed meditation?
Meditation is known to reduce stress, improve anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, and offer so many more health benefits to those who practice. But what people new to meditation often don’t realize is how many styles and approaches there are and how each style can impact our mental health. There are types of meditation, for instance, that are more likely than others to trigger past trauma, so it’s important for meditation facilitators to understand the different effects of the various styles. Then you can choose a program for your clients that meets their specific needs as well as reduces the risk of aggravating the very symptoms we are trying to help with.

Somatic (body) and movement approaches to meditation such as mindfulness-based movement are particularly helpful in regulating the nervous system, building resiliency, and improving cognitive flexibility.
Adding the trauma-informed component will make the practice of meditation, and its benefits, more accessible to those who truly need it.



Part 1: Saturday October 3rd (If you missed part 1 live, you can catch the replay here)

Part 2: Saturday October 24th

Part 3: Saturday November 14th

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm MDT

Platform: Zoom

Fee: Sliding scale $10 – $50CAN

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