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sun salutationYoga for the Rest of Us

Have you always wanted to try yoga? Have you been waiting for a good time to start? Waiting for a time when you are more flexible, fit or peaceful? Restorative yoga may be the place to start. Restorative yoga is suitable for anyone, any fitness level, and is adaptable enough to meet you exactly where you are right now. Restorative yoga is a gentle and effective approach to whole body healing. The emphasis in restorative yoga is on the word rest. True rest is the same as acceptance, and restorative yoga is about learning to meet your body just as it is right now. From there we learn how to adapt each yoga pose to suit your unique body type in a way that really works for you to get the most beneficial results.

Restorative yoga is suitable for anyone, any fitness level, and is adaptable enough to meet you exactly where you are right now. Check out our schedule to find the best class for your needs. Our drop in classes include meditation practice.

What is Transformative Meditation?

Transformative meditation is a practice of meditation that is so simple you can practice it anywhere. The goal is to be able to not only learn how to successfully meditate in a group setting, but to easily be able to bring your practice of peace, calm, and clarity into your daily life situations.

What is Transformation?

The motive to transform ourselves individually and collectively has never been greater. Through inner transformation, we recognize that the essence of what we are is already whole, complete and free. Embracing this essence of wholeness is really the greatest gift we can offer to humanity and the planet. Being sustained fully as you are right now means you are free from grasping at the world to fill yourself up. When you don’t need anything from the world, or from other people, then everything you do becomes service. As we change from being identified with ideas of lack and separation, to being whole, complete and connected, we not only transform ourselves, but in doing so we will transform the world.

Christine WushkeWhat Do I Learn in a Meditation Class?

  • Easy breath awareness practices.
  • Simple mental focus techniques teach participants how to shift attention from the busy mind to the present moment.
  • Simple relaxation practices for improving quality of sleep, and also to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing into our hectic lives.
  • Integration methods for bringing these skills to day-to-day life and stressful situations.
  • Questions and Answers to make your practice specific to your unique needs.

Are There Health Benefits to Meditation?

Yes! There are many health benefits to a taking on a meditation practice, new studies show that meditation makes the brain bigger, re-wires neural pathways that literally make us calmer, more empathic, and give us an ability to see the bigger picture in our life situations. In addition meditation has been proven to:

  • Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases intelligence and improves the overall outlook on life.
  • Offers you an enhanced ability to face life challenges head on and overcome obstacles to living the life you really want.
  • Improves overall level of mindfulness and self-awareness enabling one to move through areas in life where we feel ‘stuck.’
  • Learn to be at peace with what is happening now, and to make the most of current life circumstances.
  • Find the source of freedom in your life and explore your full potential.
  • Meditation helps one to resolve conflicts more easily, in relationships and also within ourselves, and as a result discover new ways to live harmoniously with the world around us.

Students of meditation may benefit from my book, Freedom Is Your Nature. Check out our yoga and meditation schedule to find the right class for you.





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