300 Hour Program

Coming soon!

Part 1: May 12 – 17 2018

Science and practice of Pandiculation and Biotensegrity. (Guest teacher Joanne Avision)

Part 2: August 21 – 26 2018 

Science and practice of biomechanics as it applies to yoga. Functional Movement. (Guest teacher Gaston will teach us the science and practice of PNF for ROM and function)

Part 3: October 20 – 25 2018 

Advanced Myofascial Anatomy. Fascial chains and applied anatomy to yoga practice. How does fascia respond to loads? Stress/strain curve, creep and crimp.

Part 4: December 1 – 6 2018 

Myofascial Movement: The Science of Movement Patterns and Habits, Making the Unconscious Conscious. (Introduction to Somatics with guest teacher Sandra Soloski.) The neuroscience of mindfulness and how it applies to movement.

Part 5: Dates TBA

Advanced Myofascial Yoga. Putting the 3 pillars together, creating classes that include all principles. Ball use and placement in poses. Review and practice poses for release, poses to re-train, and poses to unwind compensation and create mindful choice in movement.

Part 6: Dates TBA

Advanced Ethics and advanced group work. Introduction to applying Hakomi principles to groups. This week includes practicum and ethical business education/marketing.


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