Hidden Language Yoga Series: The Warrior


Virabhadrasana, or the warrior series of poses are great for strengthening and increasing flexibility in the hips and legs. More importantly the warrior poses help to connect us to the qualities of the warrior; like strength, focus, skill, courage and perseverance.

Start with half warrior:

half warrior Come into the table position on your hands and knees. Place your right foot in between your hands and slide your left leg back as far as you can, placing a blanket or block under your knee for support if you need to. Take one breath to feel the stretch in lunge pose and assess if you want to go further. When you are ready, find your balance, and raise your arms above your head. Turn your head and look up.

Steady your eyes, and find the still pointed awareness of mindful presence. For a moment see if you can dig deep, and connect to your real source of strength. Take three breaths and embody that strength now.

The warrior’s strength is its ability to align with something bigger than itself and collaborate with a naturally occurring stream of life force. This field of strength gives a lasting reservoir of power that we can tap into, in order to face our biggest challenges and fears and move through them.  Finding this strength and power in a yoga class in wonderful, but the real gift is when, one day, the warrior shows up for you when you are faced with an intimidating life situation and reminds you that you already have the strength you need to get through anything.

The next hidden language yoga class is on May 17. Click here to be taken to the schedule page.

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