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Non-violent Leadership

In this module we will learn how to apply the myofascial principles to working with groups as living systems. Learn how to read the energy of a room and assess the needs of each group in real time. Important skills such as boundaries, enlightened feminine leadership, non-violence and tracking will all be covered. Attention will […]

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MyoFascial Yoga

MyoFascial Yoga: What is fascia and why is it an important part of your yoga practice?   “How tuning into your body’s connective tissue when you practice yoga can help you reap ALL of yoga’s benefits.”   The word Myo means ‘muscle’ and the word fascia means ‘band’ (or connective tissue), so when you hear the phrase myofascial yoga, or myofascial […]

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New Workshop: Pranayama and Upper Body Alignment

This 2.5 hour workshop will cover the bio-mechanics of breathing and Myofascial self-treatment releases for the ribs, thoracic spine, and neck. If you have upper body tension, shoulder pain, headaches, or simply an interest in the purpose of healthy yogic breathing, this workshop is for you! Topics covered include: ~ Why increased mobility and correct […]

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What’s your spark?

I wrote this a while ago, but all this Olympic excitement moved me to share it again. I hope you find it inspiring. I’m remembering when I was 14 and on the swim team. We would get motivational speakers in sometimes, and they would tell us about setting goals, and how the human spirit is […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions about Myofascial Yoga Teacher Training:   Q: What is a modular style program? A: This teacher training program consists of ten modules. Each module is a lesson on an aspect of the Myofascial Yoga system.   Q: Do I have to take the modules in order? A: The Myofascial Yoga Training Program […]

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Control vs Choice

A lot of spiritual teachings talk about the letting go of control. This is a very important aspect of spirituality, but one that gets really hazy, sometimes even to the point of dis-empowering people. I think perhaps the missing ingredient is the difference between control and choice. When you are unconscious, there is no choice: […]

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Are you an emotional weight lifter ?

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about the tragedy at the Cincinnati zoo. What I noticed was how difficult the situation was for people to handle emotionally. There were so many heavy and difficult feelings floating around. So I started to wonder: are we prepared to feel all of this?   I am a yoga […]

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The answer is Love

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo. Was it the mom’s fault? Was it the zoo’s fault? Was it the gorilla’s fault? You may not agree, but here’s the thing. It was no one’s fault.Before reacting to this issue, I decided I would do my research.Actually, before […]

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Spring classes 2016

Spring classes start March 3rd! Check the spring schedule here.   

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The Beauty you Love is You

Do you know that feeling you get, when it’s a beautiful day and so you go somewhere to be in nature? And you are sitting there in the calm breeze and gazing at your favorite mountain, or lake, or river or tree filled mossy patch … and something comes over you …   It’s subtle […]

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