Myofascial Anatomy Meets HeartMath!

Are you a yoga or movement facilitator wanting to know more about the fascial system, nervous system regulation, polyvagal theory or how to improve your vagal tone? This 3 hour workshop will be a deep dive into how to use breath and heart rate variability to improve nervous system resilience and your overall state of wellness and inner peace.

Special guest teacher Shamir S. Ladhani will walk us through an introduction to building resilience with HeartMath Techniques.

In this workshop, participants will practice evidence-based techniques
for self-regulation and self-awareness. They will be provided with
post-session practice strategies to continue to build their capacity for
maintaining coherence and composure under stress. A portion of the class
will be dedicated to discuss the science behind self-regulation and how
our biology responds to external stimuli.

By continuing to practice resilience building techniques, participants
will improve their abilities to:

~ create nurturing relationships with others,
~ handle stressful situations with composure and compassion,
~ make intelligent and appropriate decisions under pressure.
~ An exploration into fascia as a sensory organ and how to incorporate mindfulness-based movement for nervous system regulation

The approacShamirh and techniques presented have been adopted by Alberta
Health Services and deployed to help individuals cope with aftermath of
disasters and other crises. HeartMath tools and programs have also been
adopted by first responders and branches of US Military including the
Navy Seals. The program will be facilitated by Shamir S. Ladhani,
P.Eng. M.Eng – Certified HeartMathTrainer and Coach & Christine WUshke lead trainer of Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada.


*This 3 hour workshop is part of the 300 hour advanced myofascial yoga and biotensegrity teacher training.

Date: March 10th 2021

Times: 6:00pm – 9:00pm Mountain Time Zone (Calgary)

Price: Sliding scale fee $25 – $50

Registration information: 

*Workshops during the pandemic are being offered at a sliding scale fee. Please feel free to pay what you can afford.

Pay via PayPal with the button below and manually enter your sliding scale fee.

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