Dear Body, I love you (Part 2)

There is so much information lately about how to transform our relationships and create healthy dynamics, and I appreciate it all so much. But I find myself wondering about a deeply important relationship dynamic that often gets neglected: the relationship with my body.

So many messages in the health, healing, and fitness industry foster less connection, less relationality, and even complete dismissal of the very real intelligence found deep within our cells.

As a former athlete, I can attest to doing this very thing myself for years… until my body finally protested so profoundly that I had to stop and listen. And when I did, my life transformed. I discovered that one of my most valuable relationships was right there within me all along.

I had been dismissing her messages, overriding her wisdom, and believing that if my mind willed it strongly enough, she’d come along with me like a devoted servant. But then to my amazement I realized that by entering into sacred union, respectful collaboration, and gentle attuned presence with her, we could accomplish soooo much more. Together.

Loving her, listening to her, and enjoying this dance of life with her has been such a fulfilling journey that I can’t help but share her message with the rest of the world.

In 2016, I wrote a letter to my body. I know many of you resonated with it at that time, but didn’t have the full backstory as to why I wrote it. So I want to share it again with a bit more context. It was a relational repair letter.

It was an “I Love You” letter, yes, but it was also an “I’m So Deeply Sorry” letter. Sorry for years and years of treating her poorly and dismissing her genius. And best of all, it worked. Not to say my body is always symptom-free—I still get body pains and uncomfortable symptoms—but it’s so different to be with both discomfort and love together, than to be with discomfort while also in the throes of an unhealthy relationship.

In case you missed the letter, I’ll post it here below and in the comments! I hope you enjoy it.

“Dear body, You are such an amazing creation. I can’t even fathom the miracle that you are. You have probably gotten and beaten cancer 10 times already without me even being aware of it. Wow, thank you. You have probably been exposed to hundreds of nasty viruses that you fought off without me even noticing. You balance out all the fungus, bacteria, and carcinogens that you are exposed to every day. You are doing that right now, as I sit here and breathe this toxic air. Thank you.

“You created an entire human, and then pushed it into the world. You’ve been cut open multiple times, and then sealed yourself back together. Good god, how you even do that, I have no clue… but thank you. Your intelligence is something I could never even scratch the surface of understanding. I am in awe of how you work.

“I am so sorry for all the times those multiple virus attacks pushed you over the edge and I experienced uncomfortable symptoms, and I cursed you and kicked you when you were down. I am so sorry that I didn’t remember how hard you were fighting for our survival.

“I am so grateful for how hard you work to keep things homeostatic, no matter where in the world I am running off to. And I cherish the moments when we are both feeling good, and can enjoy the intimacy of just breathing.

“I know one day you and I will have to part ways. Like a Tibetan sand Mandala you will whoosh away into dust, and I will soar free apart from you. But until then, I cherish our time together, old friend. Thank you so much for all you do. You are a perfect and beautiful mystery. I love you.”


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