Follow your heart

Follow your heart is something I’m sure everyone has heard before. But did you know you are already ( literally) doing it?

Why? Because anatomically the fascia of your tongue merges into the pericardial membrane of your heart, which merges into your diaphragm. Why is that significant? Because it means when you take a breath, your heart goes with you. When you sing, your heart sings too. And maybe, most importantly, when you speak, you are quite literally speaking from your heart.

Kind of takes the idea of ‘follow your heart’ to a whole new level huh? Where does your heart want to take you today? And do you want to follow?

Interested in learning more about fascia anatomy and how to weave it into yoga classes or your life? Come check out our next fascia anatomy workshop on October 29th!

You can find more detailed information here. Or read on to register now!

Workshop Details

Dates: October 29th 2023

Hours: Sunday 10 am to 1 pm live on zoom

Self Study Content: 6 hours self paced video, audio and other self study & practice guides are unlocked upon registration for each module.

Platform: zoom

Phone: 403-701-9567 (text messages are welcome)

Investment: Sliding scale fee $99 – $333*

Registration information:

*Workshops during the pandemic are being offered at a sliding scale fee. Please feel free to select a payment option that suits your current situation.

Register here:

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follow your heart

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