Myofascial yoga teacher training 2023 (Last Round Online!)

Are you ready to become a myofascial yoga teacher? 


The Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada is offering ONE LAST round of Yoga Alliance-registered online myofascial yoga teach training!*

If you are on the fence about joining a 200- or 300-hour training, let this be your sign to jump in! The early bird rates are in effect till December 15th to register for these amazing programs! You can find all links below to read more.

The 200-hour program* covers the basic foundational teachings of yoga, with some important upgrades from the field of fascia research and mindfulness-based somatic therapies. Having practiced for over twenty years in the fields of myofascial release therapy, Hakomi (somatic mindfulness-based psychotherapy), yoga, functional movement and reiki, I can offer you not only the wisdom of my experience, but also a deeper insight and awareness into your own experience.

Yoga is a time-tested healing modality dating back more than 8000 years, and the field of integrative wellness considers both time-tested traditions and modern scientific findings.  Myofascial yoga combines both science and tradition, pulling from the latest scientific evidence in the fields of fascia, mindfulness, polyvagal theory, neuroscience, pain science and embodiment theory in order to create a well-rounded course that will complement your current practice and add new skills to your classes and workshops.

You will find this training is a wonderful blend of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research. If you are interested in functional movement, mindfulness, embodiment, polyvagal theory, fascia, anatomy, energy medicine, trauma theory or even just deepening your yoga practice, this training is definitely for you! If you do not yet have a practice and are new to this field, don’t fret—this course will help inspire within you the confidence and ability to become a successful yoga teacher!

This program is a Yoga Alliance (USA) registered Teacher Training Program. You can attend all 200 hours for a basic-level certification or take single modules for your continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

In this 200-hour training you will receive:

~ an overview of the philosophy of yoga

~ an introduction to the eight limbs of yoga

~ parallels between the 8 limbs of yoga and modern scientific understanding

~ application of functional movement to traditional asana yoga practice

~ an introduction to fascia theory and the science of biotensegrity

~ how to incorporate fascia and biotensegrity into your yoga classes

~ how to understand and make use of your body’s ability to self-correct and heal

~ myofascial anatomy of the core yoga poses

~ the study and science of mindfulness, neuroscience embodiment theory and polyvagal theory and its impact on your yoga practice and overall well-being 

~ a balanced approach between learning the science of ‘why’ and the experiential learning of ‘how’

Our intention is that this program will not only benefit your personal yoga practice, but change the lives of your students, as well. We look forward to seeing you, fierce and fresh and ready to learn!!

*This will be the final year of the online exemption for certifying myofascial yoga teachers, which means that the 2023 round of 200- and 300-hour teacher training programs will be the last online program! I’ve become so spoiled these last few years of getting to teach you all online and I have so enjoyed our learning journey together! I am looking forward to seeing you for our final year of online training programs!

Price if paying for the full training ~ Sliding scale fee $1330 – $3999 (this offer will be in place for the duration of the global pandemic). Prices will re-set to the regular rate in 2024.


About Christine Wushke

About Christine Wushke

Christine is known internationally as a leading myofascial yoga teacher trainer and for her work at the intersection of mindful movement, biotensegrity, and myofascial release. Her approach to helping people live in balance with their body, mind, spirit and the world around them is informed by the Eight Limbs of classical yoga, biotensegrity, her background in myofascial release and Hakomi, the latest neurodevelopmental research coming out of the scientific community, and her compassion for her fellow humans. She is also passionate about making the profound benefits of mindful movement practice accessible across the diversity of human experience, including those with chronic pain, limited mobility and those who are not financially or culturally privileged.

Christine shares her approach to mindful movement with yogis, yoga instructors and other movement practitioners through the Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada, of which she is the founder and lead instructor. She encourages all her students to build on her teachings with their personal experience and knowledge, and in turn pass their teachings on to their own students.

As a myofascial release therapist trained in the John F. Barnes Approach and a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, Christine works directly with clients out of her Journey to Light Wellness studio in Okotoks, Alberta. She is also the author of the book Freedom Is Your Nature and teaches a wide range of mindful movement courses through Ekhart Yoga, Yoga U and other leading yoga schools. When she’s not teaching, working with clients or expanding her knowledge in all things movement, biotensegrity and neuroscience related, you can find Christine exploring the peaks and valleys of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Payment Options

Sliding scale fee for the full 200-hour program is $1330- $3999 (this offer will be in place for the duration of the global pandemic. Prices will re-set to the regular rate in 2024.)

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Price For Full Program
Sliding Scale Options


Payment Plans:

Payment in full Sliding scale fee for the full 200-hour program is $1330- $3999 (this offer will be in place for the duration of the global pandemic. Prices will re-set to the regular rate in 2024.) 

Click here to make your full one-time payment for the 200-hour myofascial yoga teacher training program.

Refund Policy 

What graduates are saying:

“What I appreciated most about the Myofascial Yoga Institute of Canada is Christine’s expert way of creating a trauma-sensitive environment for us as learners, as well as teaching us how to create the same environment in our yoga classes. Over the year that it took me to complete the program, I noticed how each student’s, as well as my own, true light was encouraged to shine. I hadn’t realized before how important creating safety in a group setting is to supporting personal growth. This was a gift! Having injured myself in yoga before, I also appreciated how much permission was given on a consistent basis to honour the body’s own limits, relieving any pressure to make a pose look a certain way. We were given permission to make the pose work for our body and to encourage our students to do the same. Being a Kinesiologist, I also really appreciated the focus on sequencing classes to support improving function in the body, rather than striving to reach a particular milestone within a pose. Exploring the world of fascia in more depth was also always mind blowing. Christine is talented in so many ways, from her expertise in myofascial release, her attention to creating a trauma informed environment to her practice of leadership from a female perspective, I got so much more out of my first 200 hour teacher training than I was expecting. It was a great experience!” — Kristen

“A truly authentic and all encompassing course, that exceeded my expectations. Christine really embodies so many of the qualities you would hope to find in a teacher, a practitioner and a fellow yogi. A fun, fully supported and safe environment for learning and exploring, I would highly recommend Christine, her school and course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of fascia, yoga and movement.” — Emer

 I was afraid of returning to a learning environment and being overwhelmed with lots of sitting and instruction. Christine presents the class through a very hands on experiential approach that makes it easy to learn. I have been able to work towards my 200hrs without taking time off work or an exessive amount of time away from family which has also helped spread the financial commitment out. I am greatly enjoying learning more about yoga, how to help others through yoga and about myself.” — Former Student

Read more testimonials here

 Disclaimer: The yoga therapy components of Myofascial yoga are based on my expertise as a Myofascial Release Therapist and RMT, and are not derived from my status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.


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