Get Started/Get Well Yoga Mentorship Program

I was having a conversation today with a young woman who has been looking into becoming a yoga teacher, but is feeling discouraged because no established yoga studios will hire a beginning teacher.


This was sad to me; I felt her frustration. I, too, can sometimes feel the competitive and unfriendly atmosphere of the yoga community, and desire to change it. As I went for a walk after the chat, I started brainstorming ways to resolve this.


My feeling is that the yoga world is changing. People have been injured at yoga class, and they want something safer. That makes sense to me and, as a massage therapist, I end up treating these yoga-injured bodies often. I have also had something go wrong within my own body, and can appreciate the value of health and a safe recovery. In addition, I have experienced the fresh excitement of being a brand new yoga teacher, eager to begin my new career in the field of holistic health and well-being. I can see everyone’s point of view here and, really, no one is wrong. But I do believe we need a constant infusion of new ideas and enthusiasm that comes with just starting out in the yoga community. In fact, this is a huge part of what will keep the yoga field thriving.
So how do we find the balance?


I have decided to do something that could be a win/win solution to this issue, but I need your help to get it going.

The Get Started/Get Well program is going to launch this September, and here is the vision:


Yoga classes will be led by a brand new yoga teacher, no teaching experience required. The new teacher will be supervised by a senior teacher who is willing to donate their time, expertise, and loving support. The attendees are able to participate in the class on a sliding scale from $5-$15 per class.


This is will give the new yoga teachers experience in handling specific body needs in a safe and supportive environment. It will also give people who are motivated to get well, but have limited resources, a chance to get a quality yoga program at a low cost.
Lastly, it provides the senior yoga teachers a chance to give back to the community, and to be reminded of what it was like during those early years of exuberant passion for their path.


We are looking for:

A) People who need yoga classes for specific concerns and are in a low income situation.

B) Yoga teachers who are just getting started, the pre-requisite is a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate.

C) Senior yoga teachers who are willing to donate their time, and want to be a positive influence on shaping the future of the yoga community.

Please send me a message on Facebook if you are interested, or text me at 403-701-9567.

Upcoming Dates!

January 31st ~ March 21 2019



Debra & ChristineS

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