Joyful Movement

Do you want to learn how to unwind your fascia and get inspired for new and enjoyable ways to move your body?

I used to always find exercise to be a chore. I knew it was good for me, but I also knew it was going to hurt. I dreaded dragging myself to my yoga mat, especially when my pain levels were high and moving was uncomfortable, but I also knew not moving at all made everything even more uncomfortable.

That changed at a myofascial release seminar where I was learning how to fine tune my palpation skills and geeking out on all things fascia related. As an unexpected double bonus, I also discovered how to relearn movement in very new and exciting ways.
Myofascial unwinding was a huge revelation for me and completely revamped how I approached movement, both on and off my yoga mat. As I incorporated more myofascial release into my yoga practice, I realized I was doing something new. I was doing myofascial yoga. Myofascial yoga is more than stretching. It’s about discovering what kind of movement is appropriate for your unique form and architecture. And it’s about finding out how to enjoy your embodiment and create healthy relationships between your body and mind.

If you are curious about how you can uncover more joyful ways to move and inhabit your body, please join us for the myofascial yoga workshop on January 28 & 29th! We will cover myofascial unwinding, ball placement and fascia anatomy to get you going on creating a movement program for yourself that you will look forward to.

Want to try a sample class? Click here, or scroll down to the video box below to try it out!

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