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Befriending the shadows

As we move through the darkest days of the year, I often find myself wondering why it’s such a struggle for so many of us. Today I decided to try a sunrise hike on the solstice to celebrate the return of the lengthening days, and it hit me that at this time of year the […]

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My journey up Mount Temple

I heard about Mount Temple when I first started hiking two years ago. The mere mention of the place sent an instant ‘zing’ in my body, and I just knew—with a deep powerful feeling—I had to find a way up there. I heard from various experienced hikers that it is “doable,” but at 3544 meters […]

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Mindfulness based yoga therapy for athletes

Why is fascia awareness and mindfulness relevant to athletes? So many reasons, but here are two of the big ones: 1. A mindfulness-based movement practice is shown to boost executive function more than meditation and aerobic exercise alone. This means that for sports (like hockey) requiring quick anticipation and adaptation to continuously changing situations, athletes […]

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Unapologetically Wild

There are times I struggle with feeling contained, like I’m just too big to squeeze down into a human body. There are times where it feels  like everything in society is shouting at me: manicure this! tighten up that! polish more of this! melt that cellulite! tighten those wrinkles! bleach out those age spots! lose […]

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Mountain Top Enlightenment

Spiritual evolution is often likened to the journey up a mountain. So often in this metaphor, the story ends at the top of the mountain, as if when we reach that final peak it’s The End, roll credits, happily ever after.  As if somehow we can freeze time on this beautiful peak and stay in […]

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Myofascial Unwinding: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

What is Myofascial Unwinding? Myofascial unwinding is a term coined by John Barnes to describe a type of physical movement that comes from a higher intelligence which he often describes as a “feeling” (rather than a “thinking”) intelligence. I remember the first time I attended John’s unwinding seminar: I had a sort of epiphany where […]

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Get Started/Get Well Yoga Mentorship Program

I was having a conversation today with a young woman who has been looking into becoming a yoga teacher, but is feeling discouraged because no established yoga studios will hire a beginning teacher.   This was sad to me; I felt her frustration. I, too, can sometimes feel the competitive and unfriendly atmosphere of the […]

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Maternal Love: Into the Arms of Feminine Divine.

During my first trip to the big island of Hawaii, I had a powerful and mystical experience at the volcano. The Big Island has an active volcano, and is one of the few places on Earth where new land is being created moment to moment. I am often very sensitive to energies of land and […]

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Myofascial Yoga adjustments for teachers

Adjustments in yoga have become more and more commonplace in classes, but are we doing them properly? Find out how you can engage your student’s entire fascia system with hands-on adjustments during this module. YA credits are available for continuing CEU’s, or it can be used toward your yoga teacher training certification. Some topics to […]

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Are you an emotional weight lifter ?

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about the tragedy at the Cincinnati zoo. What I noticed was how difficult the situation was for people to handle emotionally. There were so many heavy and difficult feelings floating around. So I started to wonder: are we prepared to feel all of this?   I am a yoga […]

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