Myofascial Yoga: Add pressure to your practice

Fun Fascia Fact:

About 7.5 liters of fluid moves through the extracellular matrix each day. (That’s a lot, considering we only hold 4.5 liters of blood at a time!) When your fascia is restricted, it limits the flow of fluid. Imagine a sponge wrapped up tightly with elastic bands and thrown into a sink full of water: it’s not going to be able to absorb very much.

When we move, stretch, or apply pressure to our body we are squeezing the sponge. If you can successfully allow those deep tissues to let go while you are being squeezed, you loosen the tight elastic. This is why the placement of balls in yoga poses–where and how they apply pressure (squeeze the sponge)–is so important, and why an inner state of mental surrender is so effective for facilitating change.

The next Myofascial Yoga workshop will teach you where to place the balls in various poses to get the desired results. We will also go over a number of techniques to effectively release those ‘elastic band’ restrictions.

Adding pressure to your practice workshop will be held on December 2nd, from 7:00 – 9:30. $40. Yoga Alliance (USA) credits available.

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Myofascial Yoga workshop
Myofascial Yoga Workshop


Add pressure to your practice


“The yoga moves were very gentle and allowed the body to have time to settle into the pose, stretch and release with the aid of soft balls. These balls targeted tight spots on the body and we would hold the pose for at least ninety seconds thus allowing us to relax and release. Christine’s wisdom, knowledge and groundedness are outstanding and the best part is that she does this with ease and grace and makes it a whole lot of fun. Oh by the way her laugh is infectious too.” — Dianne



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