Myofascial Yoga and Mindfulness

Join us for an amazing weekend of Myofascial Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation!

In this two-day intensive we will be learning how to apply Myofascial principles to the classical yoga poses. We will delve into core yoga and Myofascial release concepts like mindfulness, non-violence, and the source of true contentment. Also covered will be some simple yet profoundly impactful ways to increase your mobility, decrease pain, and improve your overall sense of ease and well-being in your body.

Are you curious about the nature of misalignment and how to bring balance and function back into the body? By training your eye to see fascial restrictions you can offer these simple techniques and corrections into your yoga practice or yoga classes.

“Instead of saying that the fascia surrounds every structure, it is more accurate to say everything lies within and is controlled by the fascia. It is as though the body is a candle with seashells embedded within it. If one heats the candle, softening the wax, then twists it, the twist will affect the position of all the shells. The body is similar: The osseous structures and all other structures of the body should float in a gelatinous sea of fascia. A fascial restriction in the lower extremity, for example, will produce imbalances that create a whole-body, quantum effect.” John Barnes




Specific topics include:

~ An overview of Myofascial principles including the essential time element, mindfulness, rebounding, and unwinding

~ Effective ways to engage your fascial system while entering and exiting yoga poses

~ Ball placement in yoga poses

~ Basic yoga philosophy, including the importance of mindfulness and non-violence

~ Science of the brain and nervous system, and how to apply advanced meditation techniques to your yoga practice

~ The difference between training fascia and releasing fascia, and why this is important

~ Learning to scan for fascial restrictions, both in your own body as well as others’

*This weekend intensive can be used as 20 credits toward the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, or Yoga Alliance accredited continuing education. Certificate of completion is available to all participants.

*You do not need to be enrolled in the Myofascial Yoga TTP to attend this workshop.

Dates: August 23rd and 24th
Hours:  Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 5pm
Investment: $333


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