Non-violent Leadership

In this module we will learn how to apply the myofascial principles to working with groups as living systems. Learn how to read the energy of a room and assess the needs of each group in real time. Important skills such as boundaries, enlightened feminine leadership, non-violence and tracking will all be covered. Attention will also be given to the different learning and teaching styles and how to apply that information to group leadership.

This module is appropriate for anyone wanting to facilitate yoga retreats, classes, or workshops. It is the seventh module in the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program through the Myofascial Yoga Institute. Its aim is to gain a greater understanding of ‘relational intelligence,’ and to practice using enhanced body awareness and mindfulness to engage each other in empowering exercises of connected leadership. You will gain skills and confidence to Lead Through Love and Connection.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to create safety in a group setting
  • hands-on experiments to explore intention/impact and boundaries
  • how to shift the energy from competition to collaboration
  • how to create ‘think tanks’ to bring out the genius in a group setting
  • how to use sub grouping to the advantage of the community and avoid ‘cliques’
  • how to lead group meditations based on the needs of the group
  • how to teach Myofascial Yoga to both small and large groups
  • how to facilitate Myofascial unwinding and rebounding in yoga classes
  • how to understand the consciousness-chaos cycle, and make use of it for the evolution of consciousness
  • hands on practice for resolving conflict and inspiring healthy communication
  • a brief overview of trauma theory and trauma-informed yoga teaching for groups


Dates:  October 17th & 18th 2019 (Thursday & Friday) or

Dates: May 22nd & 23rd 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm*

Location: Okotoks Alberta, Journey to Light Wellness

Phone: 403-701-9567 (text messages are welcome)

Investment: $444 for October 2019 due to special Guest Teacher Mukara Meredith ($333 for 2020).  Payment plans and some subsidies may be available.  Yoga Alliance credits available.


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