Passive Back Bend


This is a great pose for relieving upper back tension, improving overallĀ  posture, and energizing your body. I often use this pose when i feel fatigued near the end of a long day, and come out of the pose feeling renewed and refreshed.



1. Take one blanket and roll it into a tight roll. Take the second blanket and fold it, placing it on top of the rolled blanket (making a cross) Place a pillow or block on one end for your head.



back bend 2. Lay down on the blankets, placing the upper back along the rolled blanket (the roll should cross the spine, and the folded blanket runs lengthwise along the spine) Place the arms over your head and stretch out the front of your body. If your arms do not reach the floor, place some blocks, blankets or pillows under the arms so they can relax.


back bend arms supported 3. Let your body sink into the pose, and lift and open your chest. Lift your breast bone towards the ceiling, as if you are lifting your chest from the inside out.
Stay for as long as comfortable but work up to 3 min breathing easily.


* note ~ for a more advanced stretch, roll the two blankets together in a single big roll, and repeat all the above steps.


Benefits: emotionally uplifting, opens the heart center, increases circulation to the heart & lungs, tones and lengthens the spine, releases tension in the shoulders & upper back.


written and modeled by Christine Wushke, Photo’s by Dianne Wushke.

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