Unapologetically Wild

There are times I struggle with feeling contained, like I’m just too big to squeeze down into a human body.

There are times where it feels 
like everything in society is shouting at me:

manicure this!
tighten up that!
polish more of this!
melt that cellulite!
tighten those wrinkles!
bleach out those age spots!
lose that last 10 pounds!
organize your home!

It’s such a powerful vortex to get pulled into,
this sneaky idea
that what is right now is not enough.
That what I am right now is not enough.

The mountains do whisper, though,
when I listen.
And the wildflowers, valleys, and mossy patches.

They say:

“My dear,
please come home now
to this unbearably beautiful moment.

Remember your raw and connected essence.

Remember that you are a part of me.
You are a finger of my hand,
a wave in my ocean.


This beauty that I am,
this is what you are.

in times of strain and hardship,
your resilience.
That you are the wildflower growing out of rock faces.
That you are gentle strength beyond measure.

Drop back into the wild, untamed version of you,
the one that unapologetically shines,
the one that tingles with aliveness.

The one that couldn’t possibly be squeezed down
and pressed into a magazine page.

The one with a beauty so vast,
it could never be summarized
in an Instagram post.

Your beauty
is complex, vast and ever available.

Today, my dear human,
please just fall in love
with your glorious body
as it is right now.

for even one moment,
embrace the miracle that you are.

Pay attention to
the symmetry of your cells,
the crystal matrix in your bones,
the stunningly organized arrangement of your organs.


You are not separate from the stunning display of nature.

You are not defined by someone else’s ideal.

You are alive.

You are wild.

You are uncontained, unapologetic beauty.

And then,
when you are reset
and back in tune with that inherent nature

of wild untamed beauty,
go ahead and organize that closet,
work up a sweat,
get a facial.

But do it
to tend the zen garden of perfection
that you already are.

Do it as an ‘I love you’ card.

Do it in celebration and not desperation.

unfurl and spread out
into the vastness
of the landscape you are inhabiting.

And just for today,
be unapologetically wild.


Photo by Rory Farrell

Photo by Rory Farrell

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