Inside Out Yoga Adjustments

Often when we hear the term “yoga adjustment” we picture something hands on, externally focused, and with the overall intention of fixing something that’s gone wrong in a yoga pose.

Taking a good look at the wonderful world of fascia means approaching yoga poses in a backward and inverse way from what we are used to. Instead of general anatomy’s perspective – beginning with the muscles and moving on to the tissue that holds them together – fascial anatomy looks at fascia first, and the way it folds and turns into pockets which fill in to become muscles. In this weekend workshop we’ll be using the latter approach, looking at adjusting from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Unwind vs Fix:
This inside out approach focuses on myofascial unwinding and neuromuscular re-education, and the changes need to be felt and experienced directly from the inside instead of fixed from the outside. It takes a lot of intelligent cueing and trust in your students’ bodies, but the after effect is that they will be empowered to trust their own tissue, step into healthy relationship with their body, and learn the type of self-correction that will lead to lasting change.

Trust Your Tissue:
When you came into being, you self-assembled and self-emerged from a single cell. The intelligence behind and within that assembling is still active in your body right now and is the force we tap into when the adjustment is taking place. This isn’t to disregard the linear intelligence that can choreograph movements and align the body into a functional shape — it is simply to ALSO include a broader and more holistic approach to adjusting in yoga. It takes a lot of skill to hold a space for your students to self-adjust from the inside out.

Intuition and Knowledge:
The tricky dance we will embark on during this workshop is the incorporation of intuition with knowledge. Integrating an anatomical knowledge of the body is helpful in yoga teaching (and we will be learning this at length), but the added dimension of empowering your students to find and trust their deeper body wisdom — its self-correcting nature, and the intuitive process of engaging it — allows for a more complete experience. You will be able to offer your students a safe environment for exploring a more therapeutic approach to authentic yoga and healing.


Workshop Details

Dates: February 25 & 26 2023

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 1 pm live on zoom

Self Study Content: 6 hours self paced video, audio and other self study & practice guides are unlocked upon registration for each module.

Platform: zoom (click here to receive the login info)

Phone: 403-701-9567 (text messages are welcome)

Investment: Sliding scale fee $99 – $333*

Extended information on this workshop can be found here. 

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*Workshops during the pandemic are being offered at a sliding scale fee. Please feel free to select a payment option that suits your current situation.

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