Balancing your inner landscape with tensegrity

Balancing your inner landscape with tensegrity:


September 13 at 7:00pm mountain time will be the next live meditation on applying the principles of tensegrity to our mind and emotions.


I’ve been experimenting lately with using tensegrity in my meditation practice as a way to reconcile the struggle of opposing forces. It’s so amazingly powerful!


Do you ever feel that one part of you wants one thing and another part of you wants something completely different? Do you ever feel a sense of tension or fighting inside yourself about which part will win?


Tensegrity is a model of understanding how to gently balance opposing forces for the benefit of the whole. When applied to our inner experiences, the focus of attention shifts to celebrating how differences compliment each other, and teaches how to tap into the different part of ourselves in new and empowering ways.


On September 13th we will start with discovering our internal push and pull forces and how to bring them into harmony. This can create an internal shift in perspective from competition to collaboration, and from stress to strength.


September 13th will be the start in an ongoing series of guided meditations and discussion on how to apply this inner dance of dynamic balance and synergy to your inner and outer life.


If you are interested in joining please let me know and I’ll email you the zoom link!


First class is free, and if you are out of work due to Covid please feel free to join our community of wonderful meditators at a reduced rate.

Register here or click the donate button below for the reduced rate option. 

One class a month $9USD or $12CAN
Two classes a month $18USD or $23CAN
Four classes a month $38USD or $50CAN

*During the global pandemic I am offering a ‘pay what you can’ option so feel free to use the donate button below and enter your amount manually based on your current means. Eventually these classes will be moved to patreon, link to register here or click the donate button below for the reduced rate option.



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