Science of Breath

Do you love learning about fascia anatomy and functional movement? Have you been wondering about exactly how breath awareness and function stimulates the vagus nerve and calms the central nervous system? Are you a yoga teacher and curious about creative ways to cue for safety, connection and regulation?


Intuitively we’ve known for thousands of years that a conscious and intentional breath practice is good. We know by experience that softening into a relaxed breath can help with sleep, that taking a deep breath feels amazing and counting out 5 or 10 breaths can help sooth an emotional response.


These days there is so much research on breathing, the vagus nerve and diaphragm function that, in addition to our intuitive findings, we get to have a scientific rationale to more thoroughly understand the ‘why’ of a good breath practice.


Join us this spring for a fun and thorough exploration of the experience and scientific understanding of intentional breathing practices. In this weekend we will journey into anatomy of the upper body along with the latest scientific research on improving vagal tone and (as always) dive into our own personal experience of ancient pranayama practices. We will also cover the biomechanics of breathing, upper body alignment and explore Myofascial self treatment tips for enhanced breathing and tension reduction of the upper body.


Topics covered include:


~ Vagus nerve anatomy
~ How breathing practices help to regulate the nervous system
~ Why increased mobility and correct alignment of the rib cage affect the ability to breathe and to gain the full benefits of a pranayama practice
~ Advanced pranayama techniques
~ How to teach pranayama to beginners
~ Why functional breathing is important for overall health and well-being
~ Basic breathing anatomy and functionality 
~ Anatomy and function of the respiratory diaphragm
~ Myofascial self-treatment releases for the rib cage, upper spine, and neck
~ Mindful functional movements and corrective yoga poses for releasing tension in the shoulders and upper back


DATE: April 29th and 30th 2023
TIME: 10am to 1pm (mountain time zone)
ADDITIONAL MATERIAL:* Registering for this live training will give you access to an additional 6 hours of video or audio material for you to absorb at your own pace. Audio, self study video and replay videos are yours to keep forever.
FEE: Sliding Scale Pricing 
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Kananaskis Country

*Workshops during the pandemic are being offered at a sliding scale fee. Please pay what you can afford.

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