What Christine's Clients Say

These days when yoga is on everyone’s lips, an awakened yogini is still a rarity and Christine is certainly one of the rare ones. –Igor Kufayev, artist, yogi, and spiritual teacher

“Christine Wushke is a serious, deep, uncommonly conscious yogini. I am impressed by the fullness and joy of her awakeness and her consuming commitment to bring it into the fullest possible unity with her bodily, everyday, real human life — and to help others do the same in their own somatic existence. I hope her innovative work reaches many, many people.” — Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down®, author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

“I am a new woman. I have honestly never experienced such a radical yet subtle transformation in a body work session. I am moved to tears.” ~ Alison

“She is up there for me with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. More emphasis on breathing and inward awareness. Please do another one that is a a bit more intense but with the same emphasis.” — Neri

“In a single class, Christine’s guidance led me to a ‘light bulb moment’ that completely altered my approach to my yoga practice. With this new understanding, my practice has become much more natural, holistic and (hurrah!) enjoyable. I now After years of yoga practice, I am very grateful to have found Christine and look forward to many realizations and connections and much growth under her instruction.” ~ Lorna

“Christine was able to show me how the practice of Myofascial Yoga is a powerful tool to make friendship with the body and help it process every trauma, both at the physical and emotional level.
The amazing combination of abilities and knowledge Christine has gathered through 25 years of Yoga practices, as a Reiki master, healer and body worker, coupled with a very extensive familiarity with spiritual research, Hakomi therapy, and Myofascial Release, made this course a blessing.” ~ Valeria

“More than a yoga teacher, Christine is a guide who works with everyone wherever they are and takes them further into release and connection with self. Amazing! I can’t recommend this workshop enough. 100% enjoyed every moment.” — Debbie

“You create such a warm, safe space for everyone to learn and explore. I had virtually no yoga experience but felt very safe and accepted and comfortable. As a person who deals with chronic pain, I was looking forward to trying the fascia yoga and Hakomi. I can’t begin to describe the, almost immediate, physical, emotion and mental relief I felt.
It was absolutely the most healing and rejuvenating experience I’ve ever had! It was a complete mind/body experience that I crave to maintain.” — Connie

“The yoga moves were very gentle and allowed the body to have time to settle into the pose, stretch and release with the aid of soft balls. These balls targeted tight spots on the body and we would hold the pose for at least ninety seconds thus allowing us to relax and release. Christine’s wisdom, knowledge and groundedness are outstanding and the best part is that she does this with ease and grace and makes it a whole lot of fun. Oh by the way her laugh is infectious too.” — Dianne

“Yoga with Christine is always blissful and comfortable and “all are welcome here” definitely applies. I recommend Christine to all interested in the true practice of yoga.” –Susan

“For everyone who thought they could never do yoga and enjoy doing it, this is the class for you!” – Gisele

“Christine teaches from her soul. She’s clear and concise in her instruction of poses and their physical purpose, and yet allows every opportunity for her students to find the mind/spirit/body connection. A great teacher!” – Sue

“Christine radiates a peaceful and cheerful presence which is very calming. She welcomes whatever comes up, without judgment. I feel free to show up exactly as I am and to know that all is loved and accepted. She is skilled at modifying each asana to suit what I can do. I never feel pressured to do more than I am able.” JM

“I have taken classes and training with Christine for the past couple of years in Reiki, meditation and yoga. I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my day-to-day life. I find that I am more in tune to myself and the world around me. I am thrilled to have added these elements to my life and look forward to continuing personal growth and spiritual development. I am so thrilled to have found you. Thank you Christine!” – Lynn

“Christine’s yoga is a nourishing blend of meditation, breath, gentle movement and stillness. Each & every class is a sacred journey home. Christine’s presence creates a welcoming and loving space to experience “true” yoga. Your yoga brings me fully into the present moment and into stillness” – Rose

“Christine makes yoga yummy. Through her unique blend of the therapeutic and spiritual pillars of yoga, she seems to effortlessly organize asana movement, breath awareness and meditations so that one’s body moves into a state of relaxation rather than willfullness. Christine skilfully directs the student toward the conscious awareness of their physical experience she then guides us beyond our limitations and pain to a place of both healing and the release of tension as we journey home. Spirituality is based on actual, personal experience and effort – and for me, this is the strength of Christine’s yoga.” – Cindy

“Christine’s meditations are a wonderful tool in accessing your unlimited potential. These meditations invite you to ignite the power of positive change in your life.”
Micael Ledwith 

“Christine’s meditations are a delicious invitation into the depths of beingness.”
Karen McPhee

“Christine has a very, very sweet way of pointing towards the Subtle Field within. That ability (of pointing towards) is not common and is what makes her special as a Teacher. Christine is a beautiful expression of the Boundless. I am very happy for all the students that will bump into her on their own journey Home.” ~ Claudio

“The second track is truly a work of genius,the more I listen to it, the deeper I fall, I managed to reach deep pools of stillness and quietude. This definitely is a great help.” ~ Chris

Whole Body Hydration

Did you know that almost all biological tissues are viscoelastic? What’s that mean? In simplistic terms it means we are soft-matter beings. It also means we are highly adaptable creatures. Our bodies are built to be resilient. We are soft, round, and squishy for a really good reason. Think of a squishy toy that you […]

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8-week Vagal Toning and Brain Training Challenge!

In an attempt to keep the wave of inspiration going from the recent Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training I am creating an 8-week vagal toning and brain training challenge for you all! You will receive your exercise every Monday to try out for the week. Each exercise I chose will be based on something we learned […]

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Functional Yoga for Art Lovers

Did you know that proprioceptive training can reduce neck pain and tension?   Since I’ve been spending more time on artwork lately, I’ve also been spending more time looking down than my body is used to. This has led to an increase in neck and shoulder tension. And because I want to be painting for […]

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Nurturing Joy through Mindful Somatic Breathwork

Have you ever watched a baby move and play, content and exploring their world? If you observe their fingers and toes curl and reach, the look of fascination on their faces, it’s clear that being inside a body is meant to be pleasurable. So, where does that embodied pleasure go as we grow up? As […]

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Want To Improve Your Balance?

Balancing poses in yoga used to be my nemesis. I always struggled to stand on one foot or perform any kind of balance-related yoga pose. It seemed impossible that I’d ever get there. But then I met Katie Bowman and discovered functional, whole-body movements that were more natural for my body. Through my journey of […]

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Benefits of Balance

Did you know that improving your balance can also boost your mood, decrease pain, improve cognitive function and prevent injury? I’ve always been a fan of balance exercises, but when I started learning about functional movement and proprioceptive training exercises, I started to appreciate exactly why they make you feel so good! What is proprioception? […]

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The Alchemy of Pain

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about the metaphor of the phoenix rising from the ashes. I have always had an affinity for this one, in particular the way that it seems to point toward an inner alchemical process. One of moving toward the flames of discomfort in order to reveal the pure and authentic […]

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Functional Movement and Mindful Strength: 50-Hour Certification for Yoga Teachers

Join us for a 4-day intensive this September to upgrade your yoga training with functional movement and mindful strength! Would you like to add mindful isometric strengthening components to your yoga classes? Are you interested in teaching your students functional movements that will serve them in their everyday life? Do you want to help your students […]

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The Fascia-Pain Connection: How Adding Pressure to your Yoga Practice can Unwind your Pain

Did you know that you can train your brain to perceive pain differently? As a mindful somatic therapist, and a self-proclaimed fascia nerd, I’ve spent years researching and experimenting with myofascial tools like balls in yoga. I’ve discovered some surprisingly effective and innovative techniques that go beyond just self-massage. In this article, I’m going to […]

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Why is embodiment important for pain management?

Have you ever watched a baby move and play when they are content and just exploring their world? If you watch their fingers and toes curl and reach, the look of fascination on their faces, it’s pretty clear that the experience of being inside a body is meant to be a pleasurable thing. So where […]

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